Business Growth Strategies Manufacturing

By | April 7, 2023

Business Growth Strategies Manufacturing – This makes perfect sense, as statistics often tell us that sustaining a business – without the need for massive growth – is a difficult task in itself.

According to the US Small Business Association (SBA), about 20 percent of businesses fail within one year, 50 percent within five years, and 66 percent within ten years.

Business Growth Strategies Manufacturing

Business Growth Strategies Manufacturing

So what’s the secret sauce behind these business growth success stories that catapult small startup owners into the glamorous life of millionaires?

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But with thorough market research, a strong understanding of your options, and a killer business growth plan, that fantasy doesn’t have to be so far-fetched.

In this article, we discuss the concept of a growth strategy, some types of growth strategies, a game plan for managing a growing business, and examples of growth strategies for crafty and successful brands.

Growth strategy is an umbrella term that can include dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to grow your business and generate more revenue and profit.

Your business growth strategies should be well-tailored to reflect your unique business situation, such as:

Internal And External Growth Strategies Explained With Examples

In many cases, a growth strategy is as simple as increasing your marketing efforts to better reach your customers.

There are several types of business growth strategies. We consider five of them: market entry, market development, product development, diversification and acquisition.

The first four of these are part of a general theory of business growth called the Ansoff Matrix or Ansoff Model.

Business Growth Strategies Manufacturing

To better understand these five business growth strategies, let’s use the example of ready-to-wear shoe company Nu Shu.

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One of the most common business growth strategies, market penetration is an internal growth strategy that involves increasing your market share (or gaining substantially more customers from your current market) using the products and services you already have.

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Consider Nu Shu’s example: A market penetration strategy involves trying to reach more millennials to buy the company’s existing shoe collection.

Market development, also called market expansion, is an internal growth strategy that involves selling your current offerings to a new market.

Based on Nu Shu’s example, a market expansion strategy might try to sell the same handmade sneakers to another market, such as Gen Z.

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Of course, this means adapting the company’s marketing and sales strategies to attract this diverse audience without losing appeal to the existing millennial audience.

Product development, also called product expansion, is another internal growth strategy that involves expanding or developing your product line in your existing market to increase sales.

For Nu Shu, product expansion could be adding a new line of sneakers to meet the distinct needs of its millennial audience, adding additional features to existing sneakers, or adding sandals to its footwear inventory.

Business Growth Strategies Manufacturing

If you own a dropshipping store, a simple product development strategy can be to add new products in your niche or related niches until you find something that appeals to your audience.

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Diversification is an internal growth strategy that carries great risks because it essentially sells new products into new markets—a double dose of uncertainty.

Say Nu Shu decides to sell handmade socks to the Gen Z market. You can see how difficult it is if they have no experience selling socks or selling to Gen Z.

Therefore, diversification is not recommended as a small business growth strategy. If you do not have much experience in certain markets and do not have additional resources to develop your business, it is better to try the “safer” approach.

An acquisition is an external growth strategy where you buy another company to expand your operations. It can be virtually any type of company that fits your long-term business growth plan and goals.

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A successful growth strategy involves more than just choosing the direction of your business. You also need a roadmap that describes your long-term growth goals and an action plan to achieve them. Here are some tips to get you started.

Of course, setting goals is a common practice in the business world, but with high-level growth goals, you can take it a step further.

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Basically, you plan goals that require a five- to ten-year commitment, but each goal is tangible, exciting, and something that all stakeholders “get” without having to explain it in detail.

Business Growth Strategies Manufacturing

How many people do you think will be employed in the next ten years? How many clients will you have by then? How much revenue do you expect from your business?

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Let go of limitations for a moment and let your imagination run wild; Your growth goals must seem unattainable and overly ambitious.

The 10-year-old brand expects to generate $10 million in annual revenue, and will reach that number with a 20-person team. He also highlighted the degree of market expansion required to achieve this. In addition, the brand listed the main steps to be taken to achieve the goals.

To achieve most growth goals, you don’t need to worry about the current state of your business. You just need to plan them in a quantitative way, so that it is easy to develop a strategy that will help you achieve them.

Each growth goal has a set of key metrics that will help you determine whether your company will be able to achieve that goal. In most cases, metrics are directly related to your company’s revenue and customer acquisition goals.

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For example, if we are talking about the ride-sharing company Uber, one of its main indicators will be the number of trips taken. why Because it directly affects the profit of the company. If more rides are completed and that number continues to rise, that means more users are converting and thus pushing Uber’s overall revenue.

You’ll also need to determine your current baseline of these metrics so you know what steps you need to take to achieve business growth.

In the hypothetical example from the previous paragraph, we determined that one of the company’s growth goals was to generate $10 million in revenue, and one of the steps to achieving that goal was to increase organic traffic to 3 million monthly visitors.

Business Growth Strategies Manufacturing

So if we want to establish key metrics for BikiniThatSlays growth goals, we can create annual baselines of organic traffic and retention rates.

Strategic Growth Planning

As you can see, the company needs to increase its organic traffic by 100 percent every year for the next ten years in order to reach 3 million monthly visitors and thereby increase its annual revenue.

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When creating your growth strategy, remember to define key metrics for your growth goals and how your baselines will need to change to meet those long-term goals.

Once you’ve identified your growth goals and their key metrics, the next step is to create a plan that makes it easy to visualize the path to achieving those goals as part of your growth strategy. The best growth plans are a combination of strategy and specific actions to implement that strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

Continuing the example of BikiniThatSlays, the growth plan highlights the critical steps the company must take to increase organic traffic and customer retention, which have been identified as leading indicators of business growth.

The Ansoff Model [marketing Strategy Matrix]

For example, in order to achieve a ten-year traffic of 3 million monthly visitors, a company needs to increase its organic traffic to 600,000 visitors per month. Therefore, the growth plan outlines the sub-steps BikiniThatSlays must take to achieve this traffic figure.

Because there are several ways to drive organic traffic to your website, this aspect of your business growth strategy includes all the individual steps a business can take to achieve its traffic goal, including publishing new blog posts, creating YouTube videos, and partnering with influencers. Guest bloggers..

When creating your growth plan, be sure to list all the small steps you can take to positively impact your main growth goals. Additionally, measure your progress quarterly to ensure you are on track and continually managing your growth strategy. Examples of growth strategies

Business Growth Strategies Manufacturing

When it comes to fashion, clothes can become yesterday’s news once they hit Instagram, so Black Milk Clothing has completely ignored industry conventions – not following trends or seasons, or attending fashion shows.

Building A Sustainable Business Strategy

Instead, the brand follows a growth strategy of internal diversification, producing leggings, swimwear and dresses featuring popular movies, franchises and comics. It also comes up with a few new designs every month, and most of these articles are based on what’s popular with the company’s potential customers.

When it comes to marketing, Black Milk Clothing allows them to spread the word about their business to the public. For example, you’ll find a lot of user-generated content if you search

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