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By | March 29, 2023

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Heineken South Africa is proud to announce that 30 people have been selected to participate in the 2019 Orange Corners programme.

Entrepreneur Lokal

Entrepreneur Lokal

Orange Corners South Africa is a Jozi-based business incubator that enables start-ups in Johannesburg and Diepsloot to accelerate their business development with, among other things, physical workspace, training and mentoring as well as business coaching. arrangement

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The Orange Corner initiative was established in the Republic of South Africa by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2016 to support companies of Dutch origin operating in the Republic of South Africa to help local companies succeed and grow their businesses. To be assisted with resources. thriving

Orange Corners SA has assisted over 135 to date, providing over 540 hours of training and business development support. In addition, the initiative invited 12 master classes to participate in local S.

Out of 390 applications received, 30 were selected in 2019 (between the ages of 18 and 35). The group comprises 11 founders of Diepsloot and micro-enterprises operating in various business sectors, from poultry farming to catering, car washing and manufacturing to clothing brand services.

Another 19 are Johannesburg-based fast-growing start-ups and SME founders operating in a range of industries including horticulture and landscape services, IT, architecture, construction, digital marketing and cleaning products.

Donni Prabowo, Entrepreneur Muda Pegiat Ekosistem Startup Lokal

Millicent Maroga, director of corporate affairs at HEINEKEN South Africa, believes the program aligns with HEINEKEN’s focus on “growing with communities” and is key to making small businesses future project partners.

“Heineken is a proud co-founder of the Orange Corners initiative, which is directly linked to the company’s global sustainability program Brewing a Better World, through which the company is committed to positively contributing to and investing in communities globally. ,” Maroga explained. Announcement of 2019 Participants.

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This is essential in an economy where SMEs and micro-enterprises are under increasing pressure, with over 70% of new businesses going out of business within two years of opening their doors.

Entrepreneur Lokal

The 2019 Orange Corner recruiting approach includes a more customized program for each business. This means that it is tailored to the needs of companies in their respective businesses, moving away from the more standardized approach of years past.

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To achieve this, the team conducted an in-depth assessment of each to identify their business differences, which helped us ensure that each received the specific support they needed in the business area in which they were involved. It is needed.

“The main focus this year is to help these companies gain more confidence as well as the knowledge, tools and resources they need to bring their business ideas to life. We will then connect them to networks, markets and new opportunities.” , so that their businesses can grow faster, reach optimal levels and ultimately achieve even higher levels of success,” concluded Maroga.

This cautionary tale serves as a reminder for business leaders to adapt to the changing world of work and prioritize the needs and priorities of their employees.

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Entrepreneur Lokal

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People of Latin American descent are the most entrepreneurial but also the least capitalized population in the United States. With a total economic output of $2.7 trillion in 2019, the U.S. has a Latinx population equal to the fifth largest economy in the world. Yet these entrepreneurs receive less than 1% of the capital invested by private equity and venture capital. Companies.

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That’s why L’ATTITUDE Ventures — a purpose-driven venture capital firm on a mission to transform the venture capital ecosystem — announced the closing of its first $100 million fund specifically for early-stage Latinx startups. is focused on The lead investor is JPMorgan Chase, the first investor was Bank of America, and they were followed by MassMutual and UC Investments, among other financial institutions.

The newly created fund intends to catalyze existing growth within a critical demographic. “The data clearly shows that the Latinx community in the U.S. is a key driver of incremental economic growth in today’s economy and will continue to be so for decades to come,” says Sol Trujillo, co-founder of L’Attitude.

One in five Americans is Hispanic, and Latinos are nearly twice as likely to start a business as all other Americans. Not surprisingly, then, 80% of all new businesses and 52% of all employer-based new businesses in the last decade were created by this population.

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This is further evidence of the group’s continued strength as a driver of youth development. The most common age among Latinos in the US is 11 years. This compares with 58 years among Anglo-Americans, 27 for African-Americans, and 29 years for Asian-Americans.

“Having led large companies around the world, I have found that ensuring capital flows where they grow, catalyzes further growth and generates the highest return on investment,” says Trujillo. He points to a recent Bain & Company study that found that if Latin American conglomerates had access to the same equity capital as Anglo-American conglomerates, US GDP would increase by about $1.5 trillion.

“As an American whose family roots go back nearly 500 years, I believe our founders built our country on principles that led to economic growth with global leadership and competitiveness. This includes investing in all the people who are productive, competitive and create growth,” explains Trujillo. “That’s not happening in America today. We can achieve this by building new investment structures and processes that will ensure the sustainable growth of our economy.”

Entrepreneur Lokal

Trujillo definitely feels that his current job is in line with his purpose in life. “I’ve been blessed in so many ways and I believe that when I’m lucky, we all have an obligation to give back,” he says. “Our country is facing many challenges like growing population, inflation and supply chain issues. Our country also has a unique and singular population group that is growing, young, productive, entrepreneurial and patriotic: US Latinos. At the same time, this group has been demonized in many ways, such as building walls, deportations and stereotyping in entertainment media. By partnering with other leaders, we can change the conversation so that all Americans value, invest in, and work with our people. Ignorance can be destructive, while knowledge, understanding and action can be inspiring and unifying.

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For budding entrepreneurs, Trujillo has this advice. “Follow your dreams tenaciously, solve a problem that others don’t have and customers find value and are willing to pay. Then keep upgrading. Focus on getting results.” Jersey The city has officially opened one of the most luxurious restaurants on its waterfront with stunning views of Manhattan. Mona Panjwani is the owner and visionary behind the establishment. Twelve days after opening its doors, they have built a team of individuals. are likable, approachable and have a strong sense of ownership. Literally a recipe for happiness.

With ample space, The Local Eatery & Bar can comfortably seat up to 200 customers and is an ideal venue for a rehearsal dinner, concert show, engagement party and/or corporate meeting. At the back is a semi-private area with its own seating, lounge and sound system to take away the clutter of what’s going on in the main arena. Perfect for social engagements, ‘local’ murals are sprinkled throughout the venue, created by a local commissioned artist. Adding an element of youth and elegance similar to its environment. Overall, the architecture and intent of this eclectic restaurant has an industrial yet modern feel. Iron gates frame the bar, and a custom lighting installation hangs above the 30-meter island.

Located in the heart of a growing upscale neighborhood within JC, this location is set to become one of the most popular locations in the area. Chef Walter Donadio has managed to put together an enticing menu of appetizers, small plates and entrees that will keep you coming back. Some of its best tapas and items include succulent mussels, rock shrimp, steamed mushroom bowls, as well as vegetarian surf.

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