Entrepreneurship Company Examples

By | March 29, 2023

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Company culture can help encourage employee retention and create a safe work environment. Here are 10 real life examples to learn from.

Entrepreneurship Company Examples

Entrepreneurship Company Examples

Companies with a positive, vibrant culture attract the best talent to their team and produce better products and services because their employees are more motivated to give 100% every day. An excellent work culture leads to a better work environment, greater employee engagement and a better representation of the company’s mission.

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Conversely, poor company culture can negatively affect company performance and employee outcomes. Employees are more likely to leave the company with a bad, exhausting culture and produce less than great products.

In short, it’s important to understand how to cultivate a strong corporate culture in your company, whether you’re a small business or a larger one.

There are several initiatives you can consider to promote different types of culture, ranging from improving the employee onboarding experience to improving employee satisfaction and mental health.

With so many types of companies with different sets of values ​​and mission statements, it can be challenging to brainstorm the right type of organizational culture for your company.

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Fortunately, many well-known companies in the world provide good examples of corporate culture and the important things you can do for your organization.

Exploring these examples will help you live your company’s values ​​and reinvent your corporate culture to attract top talent and drive employee retention.

Zappos has become almost as well known for its culture as it is for the shoes it sells online. What does that culture look like?

Entrepreneurship Company Examples

It starts with the cultural fit interview, which is half the deciding factor in why the candidate is hired. New employees are offered $2,000 to quit after the first week of training if they decide the job isn’t for them. Ten core values ​​are applied in every team member. Employee education comes from employees passing skills tests and demonstrating improved proficiency, not office politics. Part of the budget is spent on building a team of employees and promoting culture.

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Great benefits and a fun workplace dedicated to making customers happy all go well with Zappos’ approach to corporate culture — if you get the corporate culture right, you get great customer service and a great brand.

Takeaway: Zappos recruits based on culture first. It already defines what the corporate culture is, and fitting into that culture is the most important thing for managers when hiring. This promotes culture and happy employees, which ultimately leads to happy customers.

Warby Parker has been making and selling prescription eyewear online since 2010. The company designs its own eyewear and sells it directly to customers, eliminating the middleman and keeping prices low.

The corporate culture at Warby Parker breeds a ‘culture crush’ and one of the reasons for that success is a team dedicated to culture. The team puts a positive culture first, setting up lunches, events and fun programs. The company ensures that there is always an upcoming event so that the whole team has something to look forward to, and uses methods to ensure that the whole team works well together by insisting that everyone helps keep the rest area clean or sending out random employees. lunch. together

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Takeaway: Warby Parker has created a conscious corporate culture by creating a dedicated team tasked with creating events and programs to promote the community. A good company culture does not arise by itself.

The airline industry is often mocked for grumpy employees and poor customer service, but Southwest Airlines is bucking the trend. Loyal Southwest customers often point to happy and friendly employees trying to help.

Southwest is not new to the game. It has been in operation for 43 years. But somehow, during that time, the company has been able to communicate its goals and vision to employees in a way that makes them feel part of a united team. Southwest also gives employees “permission” to go the extra mile to make customers happy, empowering them to do what they need to do to fulfill that vision.

Entrepreneurship Company Examples

Takeaway: Employees who believe in a greater common purpose are people who are excited to be a part of that greater purpose.

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Unfortunately, while Twitter is regularly on the list for its excellent culture, it is an example of how a change of culture can change where a company is in the public eye.

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Before Elon Musk, Twitter employees couldn’t stop raving about the company culture. Rooftop meetings, friendly colleagues and a team-oriented environment where everyone is motivated by the company’s goals inspire praise.

Twitter employees can also count on free meals at the San Francisco headquarters, yoga classes and unlimited vacations for some. These and many other benefits are unheard of in the startup world. But what makes Twitter different?

Employees keep talking about how much they enjoy working with other smart people. Employees feel part of a company doing something important in the world, and there’s a sense that no one is leaving until the job is done.

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All told, Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has led to drastic changes in Twitter’s work culture, as revenue problems have led to mass layoffs, poorer workloads and reduced benefits for long-time employees.

Takeaway: While these changes may be temporary, the current state of Twitter HQ is not the tech oasis it once was, and changes in culture have led to major changes in the way the public looks (and feels) about the company as a whole. .

While oil and gas companies are the main target of much negative PR and public anger, Chevron employees respond well to corporate culture. Employees compare Chevron to similar companies and point to the “Chevron way” as one that focuses on safety, supporting employees and team members who care for each other.

Entrepreneurship Company Examples

Chevron shows it cares about its employees by offering its own health and fitness center or by joining a health club. It offers other health-oriented programs such as massage and personal training. Chevron insists that employees take regular breaks. In other words, the company shows that it cares about the well-being of the employees, and the employees know that they are valued.

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Takeaway: Your corporate culture doesn’t have to be ping pong tables and free beer. Providing employees with a sense of safety and well-being and creating a policy where everyone can see each other can be enough.

This successful startup is regularly voted one of the best places to work in New York City. His company culture is ‘flat, open and creative’. A flat organization is one in which there is no (or very little) level of management between staff and executives. This approach is more common in startups and can be difficult to sustain as the company grows, generally requiring groups to be formed.

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SquareSpace also offers strong benefits, including 100% health insurance coverage, flexible vacations, fun office space, meals, a well-stocked kitchen, monthly parties, rec room, and periodic guest lecturers. Solid benefits like these help the culture, but are not the only instigators of a successful culture. Down-to-earth leadership and direct access to management have a huge impact.

Takeaway: Employees feel like their voices can be heard if they aren’t muted under layers of management. This level of freedom and empowerment creates confident employees and boosts morale.

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It almost seems wrong not to include Google in the list of companies with a great culture. Google has been synonymous with culture for years, setting the tone for many perks and benefits that startups are now known for. Free meals, company outings and parties, financial bonuses, open presentations by high-level executives, gyms, dog-friendly environments, and more. Googlers are known for being driven, talented and among the best.

As Google has grown and the organization has expanded and spread, it has proven difficult to maintain a uniform culture between headquarters and branch offices, as well as between different departments in the company. The bigger the company gets, the more the culture has to reinvent itself to accommodate more employees and management needs.

While Google continues to get great ratings for salary, benefits, and promotion, there are also some employees who have noticed the pain you’d expect from such a large company, including the stress that comes with a competitive environment. Hiring and expecting the best from employees can easily become stressful if your culture doesn’t allow for a good work-life balance.

Entrepreneurship Company Examples

Plus, for all the venerable aspects of corporate culture that Google offers, the company is far from perfect. Many employees report that many employees are understaffed, coupled with many in leadership positions who lack the skills necessary to lead a team.

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Like many tech giants, many employees report unreasonable workloads and routine project cancellations for no valid reason.

In addition, reports of sexual harassment, hate speech and other patterns of workplace misconduct have been circulating for years.

Former Google employees, including an anonymous executive, have reported this

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