Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment In Chennai

By | July 7, 2023

Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment In Chennai – Check out Small Business Ideas, you are in the right place. If you are tired of sitting in a 6×6 cubicle and working 9 to 7, then Small Business is the perfect option for you. There are many young and dynamic aspirants who would like to start their own business with very little investment. What does small business mean? What are the profitable small business ideas in India with small investments? This article will provide some small business to get you started with little or no investment.

There are different types of small businesses. A company or company may have a small initial investment, small number of employees, and low sales volume compared to a normal sized company or company. It is generally a privately owned type of business and is often a sole trader. One can choose small business ideas from the listed items. These small craft ideas are suitable for anyone, regardless of education. You must be passionate about running a business.

Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment In Chennai

Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment In Chennai

Let’s move on to some lists of profitable small business that can be started with a small investment. Remember to choose based on the interest and capital you need. These are examples of small businesses and there are many such ideas.

Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With 50000 Rupees

1) Lawn care and landscape design – It’s so much more than a gardener. Here, you can design the landscape and the types of plants to plant. Many cottage/resort/vacation home owners need such services.

2) Yoga Teacher – In today’s lifestyle, many of us believe that there are various benefits of Yoga, so there is a high demand for Yoga teachers who can take care of people’s fitness. You can start this business from home or offer door to door facility. You can get a first degree to gain experience and professionalism.

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3) Arcade – Children love to play video games with their friends and it is a good idea to open an arcade in a residential area. You can buy devices like Play-station and Xbox for this. It is a good profitable business that can be run from home as well.

4) Customized Gifts – India is a country where all festivals and events are celebrated with fervor and vigor. People love to exchange gifts on all these occasions. You can take advantage of this opportunity by presenting yourself with handmade gifts. Creativity and a new concept are at the core of this business idea.

Best Small Business Ideas You Can Start With Little Money

5) Online Advertising Services Business – If you have creative and technical knowledge, you can start your own online advertising services business. You need advertisers and publishers for this to work.

6) Food – If you have a niche area of ​​culinary skills, you can always open a grocery store. Indians love to eat good food. The investment in this business is moderate and if it is successful, the profit margin is very high. You need a good chef, staff and the right place for that.

7) Ice cream and smoothie shop – You can hire an agency for an ice cream company or start your own ice cream production. The location of the outlet and the taste of the product is the most important thing in this case.

Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment In Chennai

8) Travel & Travel Agency – According to Wikipedia, Tourism in India is expected to grow at 9% annually and reach $420 Million (32 Crore) by 2028. If you like to travel to new places and you have good negotiation skills, you can start a business. Commercial to organize tours for people and earn a good margin.

Examples Of Manufacturing Business Ideas

9) Bakery – You can start your own bakery by serving fresh cakes and biscuits. This business requires little investment. If you can offer people different types, you will be a great success. This is one of the best small business in India.

10) Medical Store – Starting a medical store near a clinic and hospital is another good business idea. However, you need to obtain a pharmacist’s license to start a medical store.

11) Fabric Store: Opening a non-stitched clothing store is a unique idea. You have to collect good materials from different places and arrange them in shop. Good quality and effective rates are the motto of the success of this business. At the initial stage, you also need to do good marketing. This is one of the best small business ideas for women.

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12) Advertising Agency – To start this business, what type of advertising agency do you want to do. It will play print media, radio, storage, etc. Create a prototype and get to work.

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13) Internet Service Provider – Internet usage is growing at a jet speed in India. If you are tech savvy and have good technical knowledge, you can start your own ISP business.

14) Mobile Store – Smartphones are driving people crazy these days. They change the phone often. You can get an agency from any mobile phone company. This is now one of the leading small businesses in India.

15) Toy Store – A small toy store near a residential area is a very good business idea that requires very little capital. Keep some unique and different games to make the business a success.

Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment In Chennai

16) Seasonal Business: India is a land of festivals and every festival brings with it a different need. On Diwali, Rakhi on Rakshabandhan etc. You can run a seasonal business. It is one of the best small home business.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas With Low Investment

17) Employment agency – if there is a corporate culture in your city; You can always open a recruitment agency that helps the company recruit manpower. You act as an intermediary between the recruiting company and the potential employee. This is one of the best small business ideas in India as there are huge human resources.

18) Making Chocolate – Chocolate is in demand at all times. You can make customized chocolates according to the needs of different customers. This is one of the best small craft ideas if you are a chocolate lover.

19) Hobby Center – You can start your own hobby center that offers various hobby classes like music, drama, crafts, etc. The profit margin is very high in this business if you offer something exclusive and quality. You should start such a business only if they are motivated.

20) Makeup Salon – You can open a salon that only provides makeup services for parties and weddings. Before starting this business, you need to get proper training and certification. There are also some franchise companies out there that can come in handy if you are unable to start your own makeup salon (like Lakme Saloon). This can be one of the best small business ideas for women.

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Ultimate Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment And High Returns

21) Blogging – Blogging is a safe home business idea that requires little investment. You need to take a proper writing skills course and have technical knowledge on the subject. You can start this as one of the best small scale home business ideas.

22) Photography – If you are good at photography or it is your passion, you can always consider it as your job. You need to invest a little bit in an HD camera. For this you can get professional training.

23) A Supply Store – Opening a supply store in a residential area is always a good business idea. You have to be very alert and opportunistic to maximize your profits in this business keeping store. If you offer discounts, free home delivery, etc., it can turn a profitable small business into a huge one in a very short time.

Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment In Chennai

24) Making Personalized Gifts – The trend of making personalized gifts is increasing nowadays. You can do this business by offering your customers customized gifts like bags, wallets, handkerchiefs, etc. This work can also be done online.

What Are Some Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment?

25) Employment Services – Commission can be earned by providing labor to companies and industries. This low investment business is very successful in corporate towns.

26) Wedding Planner – If you have good administrative and creative skills, a wedding planner project can be a good option. It takes a lot of team effort and continuous efforts to make this work.

27) Real Estate Agency – Real estate agency is a great business idea for the unorganized sector. To be successful in this business, you must have good social connections and real estate details.

28) Daycare – With both partners working, the concept of a daycare is an exciting business idea. Working couples need a nice, healthy, and responsible place to leave their children. If you love children, starting a nursery school can be a great small business idea.

Top 20 Best Small Business Ideas For 2023 (updated)

29) Food Supply – A home made food and tiffin center is a very good small scale business idea. You can offer home delivery or office delivery service to your customers.