What Are The Strategies For Business Growth

By | April 27, 2023

What Are The Strategies For Business Growth – Britain is slowly easing lockdown restrictions with the government’s roadmap, meaning many businesses reopened on May 17. Some companies have survived with the help of government assistance programs such as licenses. Even as these companies reopen, they must change their business models and rethink their growth strategies to adapt to the changing economy.

A growth strategy is an action plan that allows you to achieve a higher market share than you currently have. Examples of growth strategy goals are increasing market share and turnover, acquiring assets, and improving the organization’s products or services.

What Are The Strategies For Business Growth

What Are The Strategies For Business Growth

Here is an outline of four typical types of growth strategies. You can use any or all of the following:

The Best Business Growth Strategies & Which Is Right For Your Business

Companies can increase their market share by developing new products or modifying existing products for their customers in these markets to help generate new business.

For example, Netflix started as a DVD rental platform. Now it is one of the most popular platforms on the market. Netflix’s move into streaming media is a great example of evolving with market trends. After obtaining a license for existing media, they began to look for new products to offer consumers and decided to produce original content programs.

The important thing to note is that Netflix recognized a need in the market and developed a product to fill it.

Companies can develop new market segments, expand their user base, or expand the use of their products among existing users to increase their market share. Essentially, this means targeting audiences that have not yet been reached or served.

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For example, leading footwear brands such as Adidas, Nike and Reebox entered international markets to expand. These brands are perfect examples of market evolution as they continue to expand their brands into new global markets.

For SMEs, this strategy would mean expanding from the current market to others where their product does not currently compete.

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A go-to-market strategy allows a brand to bring an existing product or service to an already thriving market with high demand. The company then begins to attract a larger share of the overall market, ultimately taking opportunities and money away from competitors.

What Are The Strategies For Business Growth

For example, Coca-Cola is consistently ranked as the world’s leading soft drink brand with a global brand value of over $71 billion. Other soft drink brands manufactured and sold by Coca-Cola include Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta. Due to the incredible strength of the Coca-Cola brand, the company has been able to take advantage of the market entry every year and create an association between Coca-Cola and Christmas, for example through its Christmas advertisement, which helps to increase its sales during the season. period of time.

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In theory, a brand wants to eliminate all competition by completely owning the market share of a certain product or service.

A diversification strategy means that the product or service is completely new and it is brought to a completely new market.

Disney was once known only for Disney movies and theme parks such as Disneyland and Disney World. The company diversified by acquiring other companies such as ESPN, ABC, Disney Cruise Lines and Pixar, just to name a few. Today, only 32% of Disney’s profits come from movies and parks. Its most profitable growth comes from new products for new markets.

One thing to remember is that diversification is very risky and the success of this strategy cannot be guaranteed.

Growth Strategies For Businesses: Expansion Approaches

The Business Show can help you rethink your business growth strategy by introducing you to marketing consulting companies. Then join us at Europe’s biggest fair, which returns on November 24th and 25th. Or if you are a marketing company that would like to exhibit at our exhibition, please register your interest on our website. The approaches you should use to grow your business are as follows: The term approach means a general, deliberate, planned course of action to achieve certain goals. The growth strategy defines a plan for expanding the business and personnel. Every company must develop its own growth strategy based on the environment and its characteristics. Internal growth strategy refers to the internal growth of the organization using internal resources. Business can be expanded through product development, market growth, product range expansion, etc. Expansion towards and leads to better use of resources. Business expansion brings savings to large operations.

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This approach includes selling products. In order to penetrate and conquer its market, a company can cut costs, improve distribution network, increase sales promotion activities, etc.B. Market Development Strategy: This technique involves expanding existing products into new markets. This strategy targets expansion or customer segments. Market development aims to improve sales by conquering new market areas. C. Product Development Strategy: This approach involves creating new products for new markets or markets. Product development means making some adjustments to products to offer customers their own purchase value.

Diversification is another type of internal growth strategy. The purpose of decentralization is to enable the start of business in new industries that are different from the current operations. There are four types of diversification: Vertical diversification – Horizontal diversification – Concentric diversification – Conglomerate diversification – Vertical diversification – Vertical diversification can also be called vertical integration. The goal of vertical diversification is to increase the company’s financial and marketing capacity. Vertical diversification includes: i. Backward integration: In backward integration, a company expands its business to return to its current business area.

What Are The Strategies For Business Growth

Example: Although Dhirubhai Ambani is a leader in the textile industry, he decided to strengthen his position and start producing fibers. II. Forward integration: In forward integration, a company expands its operations in such a way that it moves ahead of its current industry. Example: Comvita, a New Zealand natural health products company, acquired its Hong Kong distributor Green Life Ltd. Horizontal diversification: Horizontal diversification refers to the addition of parallel products to the current product line. Example: A company that makes refrigerators might start making air conditioners. The purpose of horizontal diversification is to expand the market area and also to reduce competition. Concentric Diversification: When a company diversifies into businesses that are related to its current business, it is called concentric diversification.

Keys To Successful Strategy Execution

Product development is vital for any company to succeed and stand out in its field. Think of it as “A product developed with a clear focus on target customers and then able to provide them with continuous updates”, you might think of Apple. Yeah! you are right, one of the most successful companies that selects products for their target customers and keeps offering a better version every year. This creates a highly satisfied customer experience, increased referrals and new sales as they release new or updated versions almost every year.

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On the other hand, launching new products, again with the same customer profiles in mind and carefully analyzing their next appetite for the same brand, is the secret sauce. Apple has successfully expanded its product lines to the same customer base, thus creating a unified experience between leading digital devices.

These product development strategies are almost universal in high performance companies, be it for example Soft products or FMCG.

A market development strategy can be adopted by introducing new product lines, moving into new markets and geographical areas, loyalty programs for existing customers and encouraging them to buy more are keys to speeding up turnover. Finance. New Savvy offers entrepreneurship tips to help you find out if you have what it takes to start your own business and become a profitable entrepreneur. There is advice on finding initial capital, preparing a business plan, creating a company structure and practicing efficient use of time. Filled with stories from successful female entrepreneurs, this guide is empowering for female entrepreneurs who may find themselves in a male-dominated business world. This collection of entrepreneurial tips, advice, business vocabulary and motivational thinking is a valuable resource for both established and aspiring business owners. The road to building an innovative company includes many twists and turns and sometimes also obstacles. Find out what to expect before you dive into business ownership, and your journey to a successful entrepreneurial life will be much smoother. Countless details and decision making are a natural part of creating a business. The business model must be clearly formulated and thought out. The company structure must be agreed upon, whether it is a private entrepreneur, a company, a partnership, a branch or a representative office. The company must be registered and consider a workspace and an online presence. And the initial capital and the value of the company must be realistic in the long term; otherwise you may run out of funds to continue trading. Financing a commercial enterprise either

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