Best Franchise Opportunities For Small Towns

By | April 11, 2023

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The UPS Store is proud to provide high-quality business services wherever you live. We believe that all business owners should have access to the same resources and expertise available in big cities, a challenge felt by rural communities across the country.

Best Franchise Opportunities For Small Towns

Best Franchise Opportunities For Small Towns

The UPS Store seeks to overcome these challenges by bringing superior shipping, packing, shipping and printing services to small towns off the beaten path, and business owners and UPS Store businesses are winning as a result.

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Smaller markets generally mean fewer people to serve, but our business model helps franchisees use fewer people to their advantage.

Rural communities offer fewer businesses than larger cities, giving you more opportunities to find the perfect location. Depending on the area, slower real estate markets may give you more time to consider your location options without the risk of missing out on your prime property options.

Having fewer businesses in the area means less competition. You have a better chance of increasing visibility knowing that your closest competition may be several cities away. Without the big boy next door, you can better position yourself as a community leader and business services expert.

The cost of living and doing business in rural areas tends to be lower than in big cities. Real estate is often cheaper in smaller markets, which means you can get more per square foot per dollar. Utilities and other operating expenses can present cost savings opportunities to help you increase profitability.

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To make your business more affordable, The UPS Store has developed a Main Street business model for small towns or rural communities. This low-cost option offers reduced fees and significant savings on other start-up costs, with initial costs to start a business ranging from $206,423 – $459,136.*

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The success of your business depends on building strong relationships with your customers. Small and rural communities are known for their “everybody knows each other” culture, a place where there are no strangers, only friends.

As an entrepreneur, you offer something that many other businesses cannot: high-quality products and services from a large company with the mindset of a local business owner. Customers get the best of both worlds when they visit The UPS Store. Basically, you’re a small business owner helping other small business owners achieve their goals, and that’s a benefit that larger organizations can’t compete with.

Best Franchise Opportunities For Small Towns

Serving a small group of clients gives you the opportunity to get to know many of them on a personal level. As an added benefit, they will also get to know you, which creates the best conditions for repeat business, referrals and endless support.

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By participating in the VetFran Partner Program, The UPS Store offers qualified veterans $10,000 off advertising fees to start their new business. To learn more, contact the UPS Store Development Team.

The UPS Store has been ranked #1 in the mail and business services category for more than 30 years and remains in the top 5 overall for the seventh consecutive year on the Franchise 500 list.

The reason why my husband and I decided to enter the business and specifically the UPS Store, is because of the various opportunities that have been given to us in the business. The UPS Store has brand recognition and room to expand.

What I love most about being a UPS Store owner is working with my customers. We are solution experts for our clients.

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My favorite part about the UPS store network is the friendliness of the other companies. Everyone wants to help everyone else. You are truly part of the family.

The cool thing about UPS Stores is that when a customer walks in the door there is a high probability that they are there to do something important to them. So at the end of the day, what we do for customers is very important and they trust us to do it well.

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One of the things I love about the UPS store marketing system is that you’re never alone. The UPS Store chain businesses are great.

Best Franchise Opportunities For Small Towns

What I love most about being a UPS store is getting up, going to work, and knowing that I’m helping other business owners succeed in what they’re doing.

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Owning a UPS store has changed my life because it finally gave me the opportunity to engage my customers and employees and be able to truly take pride in what I do. As entrepreneurs, we deal with solving people’s problems every day and do everything we can to help them.

My favorite thing about The UPS Store is the variety. I like different clients, I like different services; Getting to know the customers, meeting their needs, finding out how we can help them do what they need to do and seeing how happy they are. This makes me happy.

With the products and services offered by The UPS Store we can make a difference in people’s lives and that is the best reason to become a UPS Store owner.

What makes being a UPS store worthwhile at the end of the day is the customers. Our customers treat us like family.

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One of the best benefits of owning a UPS store in marketing for me is that it gives me the opportunity to participate in the community. When I make connections with other people, it seems that whatever the environment is, in one way or another business comes out of it and that’s not my intention – it was a secondary benefit of being involved in the community.

There are a few things I really like about being a UPS store. First of all it allows me to get to know the locals, which is a lot of fun. We see people regularly. We learn their life stories. This is a lot of fun.

Since joining The UPS Store, our lives have changed as we have more time to spend together as a family. We are lucky with the stores we have and have great employees looking out for our interests and theirs.

Best Franchise Opportunities For Small Towns

What makes The UPS Store so successful is that it gives each individual the opportunity to grow with the network and simply meet the challenges that are brought to them every day. Every day gives us a new opportunity to help another person, help another small business, answer a question and solve a problem.

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I love my customers I love my employees. I love everyone, every face that comes into my shop. I love every day I go to work and I can’t see myself doing anything else for the rest of my life.

I think this business is very successful because of all the resources available to us as center owners—we have marketing resources, we have a lot of different options for home office help, and it really makes for a great business. .

I think what makes a franchise successful is a few things. First of all we have a great system, we have a good product, a great brand and we are able to attract dynamic people to manage these facilities and run the business. So I think when you put all of that together, it really makes for a winning combination.

What I love about franchising is that you have the UPS name backing you, but you also have the freedom to make your own decisions about promoting it.

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In the eight short months that I’ve owned The UPS Store, it has truly changed my life. I stopped being someone else’s employee and became the employer of my friends. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s fun every day.

Being a UPS store clerk has improved every aspect of my life. It is very beneficial financially, professionally and emotionally. I have a large number of regular customers who really appreciate everything we do.

I would say that owning a UPS Store site has changed my life where I have more time and flexibility. By owning your own business, you are promoting your store and getting reliable employees to help run your store. It allows me to attend both of my boys’ ball games and also travel and do things with them, so it’s really changed my life for the better.

Best Franchise Opportunities For Small Towns

We are happy to assist you on your journey to small business ownership. Expect an answer from us soon. If you look at the economy of small towns, small self-employed businesses are the main source of income, which gives rise to rural business. This is

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