Easter Basket Ideas For 13 Year Olds

By | September 5, 2023

Easter Basket Ideas For 13 Year Olds – Looking for Easter basket ideas for teens? We’ve found some great ideas that your teen will love.

The teenagers have passed the stage, where they satiate themselves with stuffed bunnies and chocolate. Putting together a great Easter basket is harder when you can’t shop the holiday aisle at your local store. Luckily, there are some great options for teens that are perfect for filling Easter baskets.

Easter Basket Ideas For 13 Year Olds

Easter Basket Ideas For 13 Year Olds

I used to love filling Easter baskets, but it got more complicated as my kids got older. My teenagers may not believe in the Easter Bunny anymore, but they love waking up to a basket full of goodies that they can enjoy with their siblings.

Crafty Easter Basket Ideas For Kids And Adults (2023 Update)

Easter baskets are a fun way to show our teens that we love them. I find it quite difficult to express love when my teenage boys only accept an occasional hug.

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For teenagers, I like to use Easter baskets that can be used for something else. We have some traditional baskets that we will use sometimes, but I like to use storage baskets, hats, or other containers that my teen can use after Easter is over.

This ECOHIP Storage Basket is my favorite. They look stylish and are perfect for organizing your teenager’s bedroom after Easter.

Easter Basket Ideas For Teenagers

You can get even more creative by using lunch bags as Easter baskets. I love this BUILT NY Bike Messenger neoprene lunch bag.

You can also use this Douglas Fit & Fresh Insulated Lunch Bag for Men or this Spicy Relish Neoprene Lunch Bag.

Do you have a teenager with a sense of humor? This “wash today or bare tomorrow” laundry basket would make a fun Easter basket. This is perfect if you’re giving away larger items like beach towels and need something to hold them. . . or if you want to give a strong indication that your teenager is starting to do his own laundry.

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Easter Basket Ideas For 13 Year Olds

Now that you have a basket, you need something to fill it with. I like to mix things my teenagers need with fun things they can enjoy on Easter morning.

Premade Easter Baskets Kids Will Love

I think I nailed the Easter basket this year. It’s usually hard to find little toys and things that my teenagers will love, but this year we found some great ideas that I know they’ll love.

My teenager may not like the same toys they used to, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want something fun to play with. I have younger teenagers and they still love puzzles and building toys.

Krom Deluxe is a fun juggling game that I know my teenager will finish. He loves using his popular juggling balls (would also make a great addition to an Easter basket). He likes to have some fun little toys to play with (and show off a bit) while hanging out with friends. If your teenager is coordinated, they may also enjoy traditional juggling. This is a fun way to build hand/eye coordination as well.

We have included Mozi Kinetic Arm Spinners in our Easter baskets this year. I’ve never heard of these before but we came across them the other day and they were a lot of fun to play with. My son told me he sees them all the time at school so they must be hot items this year.

Themed Easter Basket Ideas

The Rubik’s cube is always hit. My kids loved this and explored other variations like the 4×4 Rubik’s Cube and the Pyramid Speed ​​​​​​Cube (I thought it was hard, but my teenagers thought it was great).

My teenage son always likes to build things. Lego sets have always been a favorite in my house. I’m not sure they’re something you’ll ever get over. Even my husband will join in on the fun sometimes. This year, we added the Millennium Falcon™ Microfighter to our collection. My teenager loves having this set on display in her room, so she’s always excited to get a new one.

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We recently found this 3D metal puzzle on Metal Earth and I’m sure it will be a hit. This looks AMAZING when done and is a great option for teenagers who want a bit of a challenge. They have all kinds of options (everything from dragons to Doctor Who Tardis).

Easter Basket Ideas For 13 Year Olds

If your teenager wants a 3D puzzle made of wood, this puzzle from Wooden City is a great choice. This one also has moving parts when you finish building it.

Unique Easter Basket Ideas

When I’ve chosen the prettier items to put in my teens’ Easter baskets, I usually need some filler to take up space and give them some fun things to use. I love finding personal care items that they really need, but finding them in an Easter basket makes it even more fun.

This year, I put a scarf in each child’s Easter basket. They are beautifully tied with bows to make them more attractive and each child has their own color.

If you want something fun in your teen’s Easter basket, there are some tech toys you’re looking for.

We love the Amazon Echo Dot. My kids use it as an alarm clock (and everything else). The dots are the perfect size for a bedside table and conveniently the perfect size for an Easter basket.

Easter Basket Ideas — By Angela

There is no Easter basket without sweets. We’d rather go with some family favorites than fill an Easter basket full of candy that won’t be eaten.

We have a sweet spot for these Haribo Pomelo Gummies. I hate junk food and I’m obsessed with this.

An all-time favorite chocolate bar is this Flake Bar. My mum is British so I grew up with this and the texture is as good as chocolate. However, you won’t find it in local stores (unless you have a UK store nearby), so you’ll have to order it online. A close second in the British chocolate category is this Crunchie bar. They are full of incredible hive centers.

Easter Basket Ideas For 13 Year Olds

If you want great chocolate that’s relatively easy to find, you can’t go wrong with Lindt chocolate. We love Lindt Chocolate Truffles (and you can easily buy a box and include them in all your Easter baskets. If you want something a little more festive, go with these Lindt Chocolate Carrots, this Lindt Easter Egg Carton or this Lindt Gold Bunny Basket.

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These Easter basket ideas for teens are fun, unique and very practical – we love the different ideas for baskets and fillings!

The older my kids get, the harder it is to figure out what to put in their Easter baskets. (Why can’t they be kids forever?)

Creative Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

And those teenage years – wow! – that’s when you need to put on your thinking cap 🙂  If you’re a busy mom, these suggestions might help!

Here are some fun guy Easter Basket ideas for your man. Whether you’re giving a small gift of a chocolate bunny or a Cross, or a big basket full of clothes and gear they’ll need for spring sports and summer vacation, we polled PPP readers for their best suggestions.

You may want to ditch the old cake pan and switch to something else. (On the contrary, you might want to hold on to that basket for life!)  Here are some ideas that teens should love:

Easter Basket Ideas For 13 Year Olds

Turn the hat upside down (or any other hat of your choice). This will be the last treat, so at that point you can fill up on candy/chips/beef jerky and call it a day.

Dollar Tree Easter Baskets

Go with a fishing theme and fill toolboxes like THIS or THIS with lures, hooks and