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Entrepreneurs In Indonesia – A major promoter of maintaining food biodiversity in Indonesia. In 2008, he founded Kampung Kerifan Indonesia (JAVARA), a value-driven sustainable food company that transforms heritage food into organic organic gourmet food products. JAVARA works with thousands of farmers and food artisans, offers more than 600 products and exports to 20 countries. In 2017, Sekolah Seniman Pangan, an action-based school to promote food entrepreneurship among rural youth, to create inclusive business opportunities in rural and remote Indonesia that advance Indonesia’s mission to keep Indonesia’s food biodiversity alive. Established business ecosystem for award-winning social entrepreneur, including Indonesian Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2013, nominated as Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2015. Work featured in Channel News Asia, DW TV, Guardian UK and Bangkok Post, among others.

JAVARA works across the agricultural value chain, from production to distribution to branding, to preserve Indonesia’s food biodiversity and bring the best organic products from remote and rural Indonesia to wider markets. Javara advocates artificial food products from a specific source that have market relevance. Inspired by indigenous farmers and food artisans determined to preserve Indonesia’s food biodiversity, JAVARA works hand-in-hand with over 52,000 smallholder farmers and food artisans to bring forgotten food to market.

Entrepreneurs In Indonesia

Entrepreneurs In Indonesia

The company serves more than 700 businesses (retail stores and food service industries) in Indonesia and exports to 22 countries, selling more than 800 artisanal products (of which 250 are organic). The company intervenes with supply chains to strengthen the production capacity of suppliers, improve safety in the workplace and market products in Israel and internationally while guaranteeing premium prices to farmers and processors. At the source end, JAVARA’s value chain includes small farmers organized into farmer groups. JAVARA creates local agri-entrepreneurs and helps them develop high market yields and adopt sustainable and economically viable agricultural practices, such as crop rotation or intercropping. More than 3,000 food technicians are trained by JAVARA to reach and maintain high standards of food safety and quality.

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Where there is strong local capacity, farmer groups are encouraged and supported to take over processing operations. JAVARA then purchases, markets and distributes these products. This model ensures a transparent pricing structure and allows all stakeholders involved to benefit from the sale of value-added products.

Its business model has attracted many organizations around the world from ASEAN, Korea, Japan, India, New Zealand and South Africa, among others, to learn from its approach. JAVARA has won accolades and awards, including: named Global Rising Star by Forbes Indonesia (2014); Anugera HKI (Intellectual Property Award) for Brand Owners, Government of Indonesia (2014); Government of Indonesia (2016); Chosen among the leading social enterprises in Indonesia by Top 10 Asia (2016); Selected for the first time among the top 25 foreign brands in Indonesia by SWA magazine (2017). eTrade for Women advocates using digital tools to grow their food businesses and connect farmers to consumers.

Helianti Hillman has run Javara, a food marketing company from Indonesia, since 2008. He started with a physical store in the country’s capital, Jakarta, before transforming his business digitally.

“We had to go digital,” Ms. Hillman said in a special online session during E-Commerce Week 2022 on April 27.

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“We realized that we had to do this if we wanted to achieve more in terms of cooperation with farmers and our customer service.”

Determined, Ms. Hillman has had what she calls a “rewarding journey” that began inauspiciously.

Although he is “quite tech savvy,” he was willing to learn and adapt, focusing primarily on two areas: enterprise resource management and social media.

Entrepreneurs In Indonesia

With accurate real-time data synchronized in one place, Ms. Hillman improved her operational efficiency and implemented cost-saving measures.

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“It’s like a payback in itself for the investment we’re making to digitize our internal processes,” he said with a smile.

Ms. Hillman also turned to social media to promote her products because this kind of “borderless marketing” doesn’t cost much but gets results.

Step by step, Jawra’s e-commerce journey began. In 2021, the business saw an annual growth of 400% through the digital channels.

In March 2022, it signed a new contract in Latin America through social media marketing, expanding its reach to customers in more than 20 countries on five continents.

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A big believer in branding, Ms. Hillman turned to digital tools to solve one of the main problems facing her suppliers – hundreds of thousands of long-unrecognized and unrecognized Indonesian farmers.

Ms. Hillman teaches her vendors to use mobile phones to take photos and videos, to meet the needs of consumers eager to know where their food comes from.

Along with social media, Ms. Hillman has also turned some of her fellow farmers into local celebrities as what they do and their hard work grows.

Entrepreneurs In Indonesia

“It’s a game changer. It’s not really about e-commerce. It’s about giving name, pride, respect and recognition to (the farmers’) existence.”

Bridging A Looming Digital Divide With Indonesia

In 2021, Ms. Hillman joined the E-Trade for Women initiative, which is funded by Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland, and is dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

As the initiative supporter, she interacts with other supporters and reinforces her drive to “go further and faster” as an entrepreneur.

She says it’s very important to her to be able to inspire other women entrepreneurs with her digital transformation experience.

Although she does not have a technological background, she demonstrates how a traditional business can successfully become digital. And she wants others to think, “If they can do it, so can we.” In Indonesia there are many entrepreneurs who succeeded at a relatively young age. Hard work, persistence and strong willpower are some of the contributing factors that led these entrepreneurs to their success. These entrepreneurs have diverse business interests: from culinary to digital services.

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As we know, there are many startup companies that contribute to the country’s economy. Many of these startups are led by young entrepreneurs who started their businesses from scratch, and some have grown their companies to unicorn status.

William Tenuvaya is the genius behind Tokopedia. He was born on November 11, 1981, moved to Jakarta to attend university.

William’s journey to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs was not easy. He once worked as a warnet (internet cafe) operator to make ends meet. His experience as a warnet operator gave him extensive knowledge of how the Internet works.

Entrepreneurs In Indonesia

After working as a warnet operator, William started an exciting professional career: he worked in various software companies and game studios. These experiences gave him a business idea, and this business idea was what became Tokopedia which was officially launched in 2009.

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Ferry Anardi was born on January 16, 1988. Ferry is known as the founder of Traveloka, an online travel service that helps customers book flight and train tickets and hotels.

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While still a university student, he thought of opening a start-up business focused on helping people find airline tickets. Because Perry’s idea was innovative and unique, there were many investors willing to invest in his startup business. Since 2012, Traveloka has become the largest online travel service in Indonesia.

Ahmed Zaki, born on August 24, 1986, is best known as the founder of Bukalpak, one of the largest online marketplaces in Indonesia.

Zaki first became interested in IT when he was still in elementary school. It is this interest that has led him to his current success.

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Bukalpak started as a division of a digital agency called Suitmedia which later changed the status to PT (Perseroan Terbats).

Since its establishment in 2010, Bukalpak has had a difficult journey. During its early years, the public was still unfamiliar with online shopping. Thanks to Zaki’s insistence, Bukalpec became more and more famous and has since successfully attracted local and international investors. Translations of this article were produced by Translate, a proprietary machine translation tool. Machine translation is completely automatic and does not involve human intervention. Although it displays content in another language, the quality and accuracy of machine translation may vary depending on the text and languages ​​involved. does not guarantee accuracy and accepts no responsibility for possible errors. Also, please note that some content, such as images, videos, files, etc., cannot be translated due to technical limitations of the system. In case of doubt about the accuracy of the translations, please refer to the original English version.

Being an entrepreneur in Indonesia is not an easy journey. When Lindy Amalia was offered the opportunity to run Wordsmith Group, a language company based in Jakarta, in 2013, she had no idea how to run a business or the typical barriers to being an entrepreneur. Less than a decade later, Yandy grew the company and established a support network for women entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs In Indonesia

The 41-year-old graduated from the Islamic University of Bandung with a degree in journalism and communication. After graduation, he worked for A

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