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By | April 2, 2023

Home Low Budget – Every common man dreams of building his own house where the family can enjoy special moments. However, they hesitated to take the first step because the rising price of construction materials worried them. The COVID-19 outbreak has added to this stress, as many have lost their jobs and income. Here are some tips to consider when building a beautiful home that has all the amenities, within an affordable budget.

Is it practical to build a low budget house? Experts in this field say there are no tricks or easy ways to build cheap houses because the price of building materials is increasing day by day. From bricks, steel rods and cement to mettle and wood, these items cannot be bought at below market prices. Therefore, it takes careful planning to build a house without breaking the bank. House plans should be prepared after deciding on the needs of the family members. In addition, construction should not disturb the ecological balance of the area.

Home Low Budget

Home Low Budget

Unnecessary costs can be avoided if there is a proper and well-defined plan. At each stage of construction, set aside the amount needed for the job in advance. It must be remembered that it is almost impossible to complete the construction of a house while remaining within the estimated budget. You should set aside at least 20% as additional savings before construction begins.

Low Budget Colonial Type Home Architecture

Planning is the most important thing in development. One must have a clear idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir needs before preparing a plan. Trying to copy features of someone else’s home can be harmful as it may not fit your budget or needs. It is a bad idea to build a large multi-room residence for a small family. In that case, building an old house that is easy to maintain would be the best option. Having a small, comfortable home is better than being broke after building a big house that didn’t serve your purpose.

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A solid foundation built using hard rock will strengthen and support the structure, regardless of soil texture. Endstones, hollow bricks, or cement blocks can be used to build walls. Availability of materials is very important. So make sure the bricks or stones you choose are easily available in the area. It is not financially feasible to transport equipment from far away. Before starting construction, check with the local store if the materials are available and if shipping is possible. However, it is not wise to choose low quality equipment just to save money. Cheap appliances can make your dream home a burden within a few years. Remember that a home is a long-term investment.

Tile has become the most popular flooring material these days because it is durable and elegant. However, vitrified tiles may not be easy on the pocket. Gujarati tiles for Rs 20 – 25 and ceramic tiles available for Rs 40 – 50 are easily available in the market. However, many people opt for tiles costing up to Rs 350 for using branded materials. It’s important to know that low-cost tiles are just as durable and beautiful looking as brand-name tiles. More than 1 lakh can easily be saved if the flooring material is chosen wisely.

Convenience and not luxury should be the factor when purchasing other equipment. Try to stay within budget when choosing bathroom accessories. A commode that costs more than Rs 50,000 is available in the market. However, durable and stylish looking toilets and sinks that cost up to Rs 1500 are also available. When buying bathroom accessories, make sure that they have a warranty and that the documents should be kept for future reference.

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Lakh Budget Home Kerala

Lighting is something that can make or break the overall look of a home. In addition, light fittings are one of the most expensive items. The current trend is to use Chinese-made lamps that look elegant. However, many prominent architects say that such low-quality lamps, which have a lifespan of only two or three years, should not be used in homes. You can’t even throw them away when they no longer work, turning your place into an electronic waste dump.

It is better to buy things that are moderately priced and very durable. Visit more than one store to compare product prices before buying. Good lighting fixtures are available for Rs 400 – 500 in North Indian cities like Moradabad and Delhi. These lamps are durable and spare parts are also easy to find. Ceiling fans that suit your budget and needs can be purchased from official showrooms.

Elegant or design tricks have no place in a normal, beautiful and friendly home. Needs are the main factors to consider when designing a low budget home. You can switch between these moderately priced and expensive items whenever you have the money. Besides, going on a shopping spree is never a waste of money.

Home Low Budget

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