New Business Ideas In Gujarat With Low Investment

By | June 23, 2023

New Business Ideas In Gujarat With Low Investment – Most of us aspire to be entrepreneurs. Starting a new business requires a lot of investment. Some may be interested in running a simple business, while others may think about starting a manufacturing business. If you are planning to start a manufacturing business with low investment, then this article is for you. What are the top 30 small manufacturing business ideas you can start with an investment of Rs 10 Lakh? If you can invest more then these will become the best production business ideas starting from Rs 15 lakhs.

A manufacturing business is the process of converting raw materials and components into finished products and selling them directly to consumers or other manufacturing units. A production unit can be simple and a process very complex requiring only a few processes. It uses people and machines with a division of labor. Simple production units do not require large amounts of capital and can be set up with minimal effort. This article presents some manufacturing business ideas that require little investment.

New Business Ideas In Gujarat With Low Investment

New Business Ideas In Gujarat With Low Investment

Business production has entered a strong phase. It has high growth potential, but the innovation factor should be neglected. Traditional production and marketing methods will no longer work. Only production units that have adapted to environmental changes will survive. In addition, the level of competition is now much higher in every industry, which can reduce profit margins.

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Here is a list of Rs 10 lakh business investments. If you can afford more, you can invest up to Rs 15 lakh.

1)     Packing Boxes and Boxes – Packing boxes and boxes are widely used in our daily life. These boxes and crates are used to transport goods in and out of the country. Its production machine is priced from Rs. 5-10 million. One of the businesses under 10 thousand.

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2)    Manufacture of optical frames – The production of optical frames for any type of glasses is growing very rapidly. Its production process is very simple. You can import a car from China or another country and it will cost you about 5 rubles. 3 million to 5 million. Plastic is cheap, the cost of raw materials is very low, the screws are made by hand or with the help of machines, and if necessary, the final part is designed. The total cost of manufacturing the plastic frame is around Rs. 150 to 200 for labor and the selling price is around Rs. 250 to 300.

3)     Incense Production – You can start an Incense Manufacturing business. The profit margin of this business is Rs. 10 pieces per 1 kg and you can easily produce 100 kg of raw agarbat in 10 hours with a high speed machine. The car costs around Rs. 4,000,000.

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4)     T-shirt printing on demand – You’ve probably seen people wearing t-shirts with your name on them or a personalized message. Such t-shirts are very trendy today. They are made with the help of a t-shirt printer. It can also be a great business idea.

5). You can start making napkins. The price of a paper machine is less than 500 rubles. 5 million. The scope of growth in this business is huge. This is one of the best small manufacturing business ideas to start with low investment.

6)     Jute Bag Making – Jute bags are used to pack various grains. You need two basic machines for this business – a cutter and a sewing machine, and with two to three people you can start this business easily. This is a very low investment business.

New Business Ideas In Gujarat With Low Investment

7)     Bottled water – Bottled water is in high demand in commercial and residential areas. Its demand has increased due to the increasing sanitation problems of the people. You can pack drinking water in various sizes such as half liter, 1 liter, 10 or 20 liter cans.

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8)     Designer Candle Making – Scented and colorful designer candles are in demand throughout the year, especially during the festive season. They are widely used for decoration in home, birthday, wedding, restaurant, hotel and so on. The production of candles is carried out with the help of machines and the cost is not very high. This is one of the best small business ideas to start with a small investment.

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9). This is a very profitable business. The production cost of 1 simple plastic box is less than 500 rubles. 30 and the selling price is Rs. 150.

10)   Making bath towels – You can start making towels. They are always in demand in homes or hotels. The cost of production depends on the machines and materials used in production. All in all, his small business can be established between Rs. 5-7 million.

11)   Health and Fitness Center – Health training is a daily need. People are spending a lot of money to maintain their health. Here is the reason; has become such a profitable business. At first, you can set up a hub with a few types of machines, and as your business expands, you can eventually bring in more.

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12)   Spa treatments – Spas are a wonderful means of relaxation for the mind and body. Spa treatments include body treatments, facials, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, manicures, pedicures, and more. This is one of the best under 10 million businesses. You need to create a good, calm and relaxing environment for this business.

13)   Producing ballpoint pens – Ballpoint pen prices are in the range of Rs. It costs between 5 and 10 in the market, so imagine how low its production cost is. This is a small-scale factory that requires very little investment and is mass-produced. Use only good quality inks and build the reputation you need. Design and appearance are very important in this business. This is one of the best small manufacturing business ideas under Rs 10 lakh.

14)   Production of soaps and detergents – Soaps and detergents are easily produced with the help of humans and machines. Since these are common items used in every household, the demand is constant. Today, herbal soaps and detergents are preferred over synthetic soaps. So make a good eco-friendly formula and get a good profit from it.

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New Business Ideas In Gujarat With Low Investment

15)   Manufacture of toys – There are many types of toys and you can choose from plastic, wooden or stuffed toys. Prepare it completely. Game making is an art. You can use your creativity to create variety. The investment depends on the type of game you choose. This is one of the best small business ideas for high profit. This can be one of the best businesses to start with an investment of Rs 15 lakh

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16)   Fireworks production – Fireworks are in great demand during festivals and weddings. Celebrations require bright and colorful cookies. This industry is very profitable because raw materials are very cheap.

17)   Women’s accessories – accessories like earrings and bracelets are among the favorites of every woman. There are many types of designs like stone work, bead work, silk thread, etc. The materials must be good and the design must be unique. Use your creativity and design the best jewelry that will take your business to successful heights.

18)   Protective packaging materials – with the advent of e-commerce, the demand for protective packaging materials such as foam, foam sheet and foam has increased significantly. Their manufacturing process is very simple and the investment is around Rs. 10 million.

19)   Eco-friendly disposable products – Considering the harmful effects of plastic waste, the demand for environmentally friendly waste products has increased. It is in great demand for weddings, parties, mobile food carts and tea stalls. You can easily start a business that generates eco-friendly waste. The investment in this small manufacturing business is around Rs. 5-7 million.

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20)   Garment Manufacturing Division – Garments are in highest demand with ever-increasing fashion trends and it remains timeless. You can set up a garment manufacturing unit with an initial investment of Rs. 8-10 million.

Conclusion: It is not necessary to start a business with just a huge amount of capital. In the early stage, start with a small capital and grow it with hard work and dedication, then you can expand and expand it.