New Business Ideas In Karachi With Low Investment

By | March 29, 2023

New Business Ideas In Karachi With Low Investment – When it comes to business ideas for students, we are not going to share the boring and banal business ideas that we read over and over again on the internet. serious money.

Okay, so if you’re studying and find being a student hard and want to start a side business, or if you have an entrepreneurial dream of becoming a millionaire, this article is what you’ve been missing until now!

New Business Ideas In Karachi With Low Investment

New Business Ideas In Karachi With Low Investment

In this article I am going to share 6 simple small business ideas that my graduating friends can easily start a successful business career in Pakistan and earn really good money at the same time.

Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With 50000 Rupees

Moreover, I have already shared more than 30 really cool business ideas for serious entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Check this out if you are serious about your business. Even if you’re not that serious, check it out anyway. company management.

Coming back to the topic, first we need to share some details about the machine we need to buy so that we can later make the products we will sell.

This machine is called a manual blister machine and it is used for packaging. These machines come in various shapes and sizes, but we suggest one of two for students (see video): Price is 25-40 thousand won

You can find a local dealer for these machines by connecting with someone in your industry, such as the confectionery industry (confectionery, etc.) or the pharmaceutical/pharmaceutical industry. They will give you contact information, prices, etc. nearby dealers where you can easily buy them. .

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To get in touch with you from the industry, please visit the nearby industry area or get in touch via email, colleagues, friends or social media, Google, etc.

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Update 18 Feb 2022: There are two dealers in Pakistan where you can easily buy this machine. Although not similar in design to the machine above, it is similar in function. See the following link. , link2 contact the dealer of this machine in Pakistan to purchase.

With this machine, you can pack a lot of things yourself in the hostel ( 😋 😈 😉 ), at home and more!

New Business Ideas In Karachi With Low Investment

You can buy these sweets from wholesalers of sweets like KK Foods Karachi, Pak Foods Rawalpindi etc.

Exciting Business Ideas That You Can Start For 10k Or Less

One time purchase usually costs about Pkr 90-95 per kg, 1 kg bunty can be about 40-45 packets and the price per packet is Pkr 2.85-3.00 (including packing charges, foil charges, electricity charges, works etc. .) I don’t see. ) this pack can be sold for 45 pkr as a pack of dozen packs so you can earn at least 9 pkr for every dozen sold.

The retailer will sell this pack to the consumer for Pkr 5, so selling 12 means a profit of Pkr 15. Remember that new small businesses should provide retailers with at least 30-35% profit. Buy your product.

This is another similar and smaller than Bunty. Per bundle this is slightly cheaper than bunty so you can get more profit here by around 11-13 pkr per dozen bundles.

Imagine selling a hundred dozen bundles with a profit of 1100-1300 per day. If you look monthly, you can still earn between Pkr 25,000-30,000 in good cash when you are not working (except Sundays). Nice Don, isn’t it! 😉

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Children are crazy about formula milk and love it. Since you must have eaten a lot as a child, why not start a milk powder business!

Again, you can find milk powder wholesalers around (if you are from Rawalpindi, you must go to Raja Bazaar). Then the above machine can pack it into small boxes. Same amount as a pack of Bunty and you sell it to retailers etc. and earn good money!

The best thing about marbles is that they don’t expire and they don’t cost much. Still, you can make really good money with marbles!

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New Business Ideas In Karachi With Low Investment

Almost all adults, adults need quality scissors to trim beard, moustache, hair, eyebrows, etc., we often lose scissors, forget where we put them and buy other scissors. centuries!

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You’ve probably seen some cool and delicious things in bakeries and fast food places 😋 Wondering how they do it, how much it costs to learn it, and more importantly, how much they make?!

Well, it costs absolutely nothing. 1500/- Pkr only and you can learn about 80 recipes in about a month online from the comfort of your home/hostel.

If you want to start your entrepreneurial career in the food sector, especially in the bakery and fast food sector, you must invest in this course!

Remember that the profit margins of bakeries and fast food in Pakistan vary between 45-200%. sales rupees).

How To Start Your Restaurant Business In Pakistan?

And it is frankly a huge profit and that makes this business one of the most profitable or most profitable business in Pakistan.

Of course, this course is not about all the regular recipes, but about those that sell (which are in demand in the Pakistani market) and give huge profits to all bakery, fast food owners, making them very rich.

You can learn the course for 1500/- rupees in just one month and you can start a part time bakery business or hire people and train them according to your education and start this business with a modest investment in a location of your choice. After finishing studies, of course).

New Business Ideas In Karachi With Low Investment

OTHER SUPPORT: There is also guidance on how to turn your baking and fast food expertise into a successful small to medium-sized business, including as a side or part-time business.

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Chef Zara has been baking and teaching for over 11 years, which means she is an expert in this field!

If you would like to do this or need further information, please contact me at my email address:

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Update: Lately I have been getting quite a few requests from low-investment newbie Indian students for more creative business ideas. check with them Here are 5 very profitable business ideas for Indian students!

Online Business Ideas In Pakistan 2023 With Low Investment Urdu New Best For Students Beginners

Certified SEO Expert, Small Business Expert, Startup, Marketing Expert with many practical and actionable ideas and insights to share, Proud Founder and Owner of and Pakistan is one of the fastest growing in the world It is one of the markets. For an individual to earn money, doing business in Pakistan with an investment of one million rupees is the best idea. Starting a business requires a lot of hard work and effort, but with very little money needed to invest in this business, many people are given the opportunity to reach their destination.

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Many passionate entrepreneurs are held back by many assumptions about starting a new business with little investment. A low-investment ‘startup’ is a newly established, usually small business. Studies show that 20% of startups fail in the first year and only 50% grow by the 5th year. Starting your own business is not easy. The hardest part is taking the first step. However, it can provide great pleasure and relaxation when you start seeing good results.

If you don’t have a big budget to start your own business, don’t even think about it. Here we will discuss a list of business ideas that can make you money starting from 1 million rupees. There are two major problems faced by those who want to start their own business or small business.

New Business Ideas In Karachi With Low Investment

The ultimate future is entrepreneurship. There are more and more individuals who prefer business to work. We will discuss unique and profitable business ideas in Pakistan that only require an investment of 1 million USD. these are:

Biographies–u.s. Pakistan Women’s Council

Event organization is also a successful and profitable business to begin with, but it requires a lot of investment. Here we will tell you how to start an event management business worth 1 lakh rupees.

A wedding organizer will divide your responsibilities and expertly coordinate each wedding.

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