Party Game Ideas For Teenagers

By | June 13, 2023

Party Game Ideas For Teenagers – One thing to remember when planning teen party games and birthday party games for teens is that guests want to have a lot of fun, but still want more sophistication from a kid’s party. For this reason, many of the games listed on our adult party games page can be incorporated into your party plans.

We’ve also included some party games on our Super Slumber Party page on this page, along with a few others that are specific to slumber.

Party Game Ideas For Teenagers

Party Game Ideas For Teenagers

When choosing teen party games, find ways to coordinate them with your party theme. For example, if you are planning a party in Hollywood, use celebrity name games.

Th Birthday Games Birthday Scattegories Teen Birthday

We think it’s also important to find games that everyone can participate in, and where everyone has fun whether they’re a “winner” or not.

On this page you’ll find a nice long list of some of our favorite party games for teens that have the “Seal of Approval!” At the bottom of the page you can add to the list!

Around the World Grammar Game – Kind of like the Madlibs youth party games, but with word twists that start with a certain letter (and you don’t have to write anything!). Using the alphabet, make sentences that follow the pattern: verb, noun, place. The first person says “He ate ants in Alaska”, the second person will have the letter “B” and say something like “Buy butterflies in Biloxi”, the second person says “C” and so on! Continue in alphabetical order. If a player cannot come up with a sentence, they are out. Keep going until you only have one person left or you get tired of it!

Board Games – Choose several board games that the group can play, such as Trivial Pursuit, Bingo, Twister, Cranium, Catchphrase, etc.

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Bunco!- When you have the right number of people in your party (8 or 12), this game is great fun and can be played for hours!

Capture the Flag – Playing a game of capture the flag can be all the fun. This is great because it also works for large groups.

Celebrity Twenty Questions – A really fun version of 20 questions, celebrity style! Do you know enough about famous people to answer questions about them? Great for any party, but especially for those with a Hollywood or star theme.

Party Game Ideas For Teenagers

Challenge Game – Challenge your guests to complete a trick within a certain time. This young party game is fun to play and fun to watch!

Wacky Fun Games For Teens

Drawing Game – A fun game to play in pairs! One of the really fun games for young partygoers because everyone can participate at the same time.

Duct Tape Crafts – Making cool duct tape crafts is a really fun and different idea. Some of the things you can make are dresses, sandals, containers, bags, wallets – even a prom dress! The tape also comes in patterns and colors.

Escape Room – How to make your own escape room, and it works for any size group, big or small!

Fast Charades – A much simpler (and faster) version or the old Charades game, this one uses a word instead of a phrase or title.

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Find the Leader Game – This is a great group game – in fact, the bigger the group, the better!

Flashlight Hunt – Played outside, in the dark, with flashlights – A good old fashioned treasure hunt, but in the dark!

The match game – this is the best for everyone to mix and match! In the match game, everyone goes around the party until they find their famous match!

Party Game Ideas For Teenagers

M&M Hunt Game – One of our favorite games – this scavenger hunt can be played at a party venue and is always a hit!

Top 10 Party Games For Game Night

Out of bounds! – Standard party game… keeps your guests talking, as long as they don’t say words that are out of bounds. For teenagers, choose the newest “it” word!

Pass the Hat – play the old game Pass the Orange but with a hat. Lift your hat from top to bottom without using your hands!

Pool Games – If you’re having a pool party, you won’t want to miss checking out this list of great pool games.

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Scavenger Hunt – One of the most popular parties for youngsters, whether it’s a teen’s birthday party or a teenage slumber party. Visit our site for tips and ideas on planning a great hunt!

Teen Party Games

Slumber Party Games – A great list of Slumber Party Games that will be fun at any slumber party.

Steal a Sticker – Can you steal a sticker without the other party guests knowing? You’ll find out when you play this game!

Stroke of Fun – A great ice breaker party where the activity becomes a gift! Perfect for special parties like birthdays, graduations, etc.

Party Game Ideas For Teenagers

Talent Show – Let your guests put on a silly talent show (be sure to record it so you can bribe them later!).

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Tie Dye – Look for a tie dye kit that uses wire – less mess than all the balloons and bottles.

Truth or dare – our version will keep the game fun for everyone. We’ve included links to some neat truth or dare questions, along with some dare tips! Or you can buy the Truth or Dare games – so you’ll never run out of good questions and dares.

TV Voiceover – Before the party, make recordings of the voices of TV characters. At the party, listen to the recording and have everyone try to guess who they are listening to.

Virtual Games – Book virtual games that match your party theme. For example, if you’re having a James Bond party, use games like Sky Simulator or 007 Shootout.

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Water Games – Our extensive list of water games, including water gun, sponge and water balloon games. A great way to stay cool when it’s hot outside!

What is the best party game you have played? Give us all the details so we know what to do!

All the people are sitting in a circle. Teens must use their teeth to hold the apple to the person on their right. Do not touch the apple with your hands. Whoever gave…

Party Game Ideas For Teenagers

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This party game is easy and fun! All you need is a group of 6 (I had 8) and you divide them into 2 teams. You also need a camera for each team. you give…

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To play Manhunt, you play outside in the dark. One person will have a flashlight and that’s it. The rest will hide in the area that was suggested. they are …

This candy straw game is a lot of fun and everyone can play together at the same time. 1. Give everyone a straw and a cup 2. Take a cup and fill it …

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Party Game Ideas For Teenagers

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Party Game Ideas For Teenagers