Small Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

By | October 3, 2023

Small Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment – What better option than Kerala, the only ‘startup ecosystem’?

In this post, we are now going to share with you 14 most profitable and profitable business ideas and opportunities in Kochi.

Small Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

Small Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

Kochi, the financial and corporate capital of Kerala, is a thriving cyber city. It is equipped with the most advanced residential, business, health, education and lifestyle infrastructure and facilities. Kerala has huge business potential and Kochi is its financial capital.

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Taking into account several parameters including land cost, energy and communication infrastructure, a recent NASSCOM survey ranked Kochi as the ‘second best leading ITES destination’ ahead of metros like Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Now you are thinking, ‘Why choose Kochi for startup?’ You must also be thinking about the financial cost.

Now to understand such questions, I bring down the extraordinary features that make Kochi the ‘go to place’ for anyone planning to start their own business or expand their existing business.

• Government of Kerala has a government policy called ‘Kerala Startup Mission’ (KSUM) which makes India an investor friendly state.

Best Business Ideas In Kerala In 2023 (money Making Concepts)

• Due to population growth and employment in the region, Kochi is now classified as a TIER 2 city by the Government of India, and it gives wings to entrepreneurs, IT and ITES to expand as much as possible.

• 100% literacy and 100% digital rate ensures supply of skilled and educated workforce which most Indian states lag behind in terms of industrial development.

• Start-up costs are significantly lower in Kochi as operating costs are lower compared to other locations as rent, electricity, water, wages are also very low along with transportation.

Small Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

• Kerala allows 100% foreign ownership subject to certain conditions, which greatly streamlines small, medium and large business initiatives.

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Small Startup Business Ideas To Start In 2023

• Kochi attracts good investment opportunities due to its good quality of life as it is close to all housing, shopping, schooling, medical, dining and banking facilities.

Hence, the city is 100% investor friendly and low operational cost is a major contributing factor for it. Kochi is famous for many things like jewellery, tourism, Ayurveda, rubber, coffee, spices and banana products. This city can provide enough space for an individual or a millennial to set up a business.

Verifying rent and finding suitable tenants for rent, preparing and marketing properties for sale can be a new task in Kochi. With so much to offer, the location is seeing high demand for space to rent or buy. Being an agent and managing properties can be a profitable business idea for cities.

Jewelery manufacturing is one of the oldest industries in India and Kochi is a pioneer among them. It is a known fact that Kerala is home to traditional and beautiful jewelery designs in the entire country. Kochi also has a place known as “Jewel Junction” where you can find the top jewelers of the country. Hence, starting a jewelery business in Kochi is a profitable decision combining art and philanthropy.

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There is a lot of opportunity for young accountants to start an accounting business in Kochi. As new businesses grow, big or small, there will be a need for accounting services. Budding accounting professionals can see this as a great opportunity to take advantage of, as most small and medium-sized companies prefer to outsource most of their accounting work.

After the Covid pandemic, the demand for online home tuition has increased. Online tutoring is now a really strong and growing industry and there is a wide range of professional opportunities for everyone from a college student to someone with teaching experience who loves to teach.

You can avail online tutoring services for small batches or start tutoring for professional and other skill development courses like SAP, Tally, Digital Marketing and scale your business to the next level. A state with such a high literacy rate is certainly a place where such ideas can be held and business can thrive.

Small Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

People who love to make home decor have a great opportunity to start their home decor store online in Kochi. You can create and sell your home decor products online such as wall art, frames, designer candles and vases, paintings, kitchen dining sets and a range of other accessories. This is a great business opportunity for talented people to design and create something beautiful that makes our home more beautiful and beautiful.

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Kochi is a place of rich history and culture so what better way to do it than with its food. It is definitely a tourist attraction. So, with the help of eco-tourism and biodiversity, setting up a restaurant or eatery near Malabar beach can be a good business idea that one can buy and earn huge profit.

Kochi’s tourism industry offers many opportunities for the future. This industry accounts for 13% of the state’s GDP. Apart from the natural attractions, the main attractions of the historic quarter all have a major role to play.

There are many heritage houses and forts that have been converted into hotels and successfully renovated, attracting tourists from all over the world to Kochi. Hence, investing in tourism here is clearly a smart move that can yield huge profits.

The city is considered a prime location for starting a franchise business ranging from food to education to healthcare and many more, thus increasing the demand for distributor and marketing opportunities in Kochi, some of which are:

Best Small Business Ideas In India For 2020, Best Business In India

At the national level, 92% of rubber cultivation is done in Kerala, with Kochi exporting the raw material to other countries. So it will be a great step for investment for an entrepreneur.

100% of lemongrass oil is produced in Kerala, which creates a huge business opportunity for traders to invest in this market.

Biodiversity makes Kochi one of the most promising locations for biotechnology, opening up huge opportunities for medical and pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, the presence of established research institutes like Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Biotechnology, Indian Spice Research Institute, Kerala Agricultural University ensures the required trained human resources.

Small Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

There is great potential for export of crops, spices and bamboo. 70% of coconuts are cultivated in Kerala. Banana Wafers is the new trending business for the coming years. Paper is largely produced from bamboo, so another option for businesses to grow.

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Kochi is famous for its fishing industry. Packaged food has been the most popular business in Kochi over the years. Frozen, packed fish and dry fish are now available for shipment to other states in India. So seafood export is another business opportunity that you can look into.

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Start-up costs are the expenses you incur when starting a new business. Some start-up costs include business planning, research expenses, borrowing costs, and advertising expenses. Check out the infographics below to learn more:

If you are planning to start a business in Kochi, you need office space on rent. Keeping your company in a professional and inviting work environment that suits your needs is a big challenge, because the office space you have has a strong impact on potential or existing clients who meet you.

So to build your business activities and services to the next level, Trans Asia Cyber ​​Park now offers professional office space for corporates and professionals at a prime location in Kochi. Our specialized services include furnished office space, shared office space and unfurnished office space.

Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment

Hence, it frees up your time and you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the rest.

Contact us and let us know your office space needs so we can plan to start your journey of success and growth. and Export Salary and Salary Credit Score and CIBIL Payment Management Success Stories Business Growth

Many young and dynamic people in India want to make their living and become financially independent by setting up their own business. They are always looking for low cost business ideas. In the blog below, we’ve focused on simple businesses to start and grow. These businesses can be started on a small scale and grow at their own pace. Some businesses that are risky but have high profit potential are also included. This article discusses different types of business ideas such as online, high-growth, home-based, easy-to-start, small-scale, low-investment, part-time, fixed income and services, products, food, and new businesses. .

Small Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

Almost every industry has open positions and employers are eager to hire the best candidates. As a staffing agency, your job is to match

Top 14 Profitable Business Ideas In Kochi, Kerala Right Now

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