Small Scale Business With Low Investment

By | October 8, 2023

Small Scale Business With Low Investment – If you are looking for small business ideas, then you are in the right place. If you live in a 6*6 cubicle and work a 9 to 7 job, then a small business is the right choice for you. There are many young and energetic entrepreneurs who want to pursue their business with very little investment. What is a small business? What are some profitable small business ideas in India with low investment? This article presents small businesses starting with low or zero investment.

There are different types of small businesses. It can be a business or an organization characterized by low initial capital, a small number of employees and a low selling price. It is generally a private business model and usually a sole proprietorship. From the short items listed, one can choose small business ideas. These small business ideas are suitable for anyone regardless of education. You just need to have an interest in running a business.

Small Scale Business With Low Investment

Small Scale Business With Low Investment

Let’s dive into the list of profitable small businesses that can be started with low investment. Remember, you need to choose based on your needs and budget. These are examples of small businesses and there are many ideas.

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1) Lawn Care and Landscaping – Broader than gardening. Here, you can design the landscape and the types of plants to be planted. Many bungalow/resort/holiday home owners are looking for this type of service.

2) Yoga Instructor – In today’s life, many of us believe that yoga has many benefits, so yoga instructors are very passionate about taking care of people’s bodies. You can start this business from home or offer door-to-door delivery. You can get this degree first to gain knowledge and experience.

3) Game room – Children love to play video games with their friends and opening a game room in the living room is a good idea. For this you can buy devices like Play-station, Xbox. It is a very profitable business that can be done at home.

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4) Special Gifts – India is a country where all festivals and events are celebrated with great fervor and vibrancy. People like to exchange gifts on such occasions. You can enhance this opportunity by giving unique handmade gifts. Creativity and innovation are the core of this business concept.

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5) Online Advertising Service Business – If you have creative and technical skills, you can start an online advertising service business. You need advertisers and advertisers for this business.

6) Food Hall – If you have good cooking skills, you can always open a food hall. Indians love to eat good food. The investment in this business is moderate and if successful, the profit margin is very high. For this you need a good chef, staff and a suitable location.

7) Ice cream and juice department – You can take over another ice cream company’s facility or start your own ice cream production. The location of the parameter and the taste of the product is the most important thing in this matter.

Small Scale Business With Low Investment

8) Travel and tourism industry – According to Wikipedia, tourism in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of 9% and reach $420 bn (Rs 32 Lakh Crores) by 2028. If you like to travel to new places ‘ and you have good negotiation skills, you can start a business of organizing tours for people and get good profit.

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9) Bakery Shop – You can start your own bakery shop to offer fresh cakes and biscuits. This business requires very low investment. If you can serve different people, it will be a great success. This is one of the best small businesses in India.

10) Medical store – Starting a medical store near clinics and hospitals is another good business. However, to start a medical store, you must get a pharmacist’s approval.

11) Fabric Boutique – Opening a fabric boutique is a unique idea. You need to use the best resources from different places and organize them in one store. Good quality and efficient pricing is the success mantra of this business. In the beginning, you also need to make a good advertisement. This is one of the best small business ideas for women.

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12) Marketing Agency – Which marketing agency do you want to run to start this business. Media or radio or collecting etc. will be targeted. Create a prototype and start working on it.

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13) Internet Service Provider – Internet usage is growing at a jet speed in India. If you are a tech savvy person with good technical skills, you can start your own online services business.

14) Mobile Shop – Smartphones are making people crazy these days. They change their phones frequently. You can take the center of any telephone company. It is now one of the top small businesses in India.

15) Toy Store – A small toy store near the residence is a great business idea that requires a lot of capital. Keep unique and different toys to make the business successful.

Small Scale Business With Low Investment

16) Business of Time – India is a country of festivals and every festival comes with a different need. You can run seasonal business like Diwali crackers, Rakhi on Rakshabandhan etc. This is one of the best small home businesses.

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17) Placement center – if there is a business culture in your city; You can always open a staffing agency that helps the company to hire employees. They act as an intermediary between the hiring company and the prospective employee. This is one of the best small business ideas in India with many employees.

18) Chocolate Making – Chocolate is always in demand. According to customer needs, you can prepare custom chocolates in many forms. If you are a chocolate lover, this is one of the best small business ideas.

19) Hobby Center – You can start your own hobby center that offers various hobby classes like music, drama, crafts, etc. In this business, if you can provide something specific and valuable, the profit margin is very high. A person should start such a business only if he is interested in it.

20) Makeup Salon – You can open a salon that offers makeup services only for parties and weddings. Before starting this business, you need to get proper training and certification. There are also many franchise companies that can help you if you can’t run your own beauty salon (eg Lakme Salon). This can be one of the best small business ideas for women.

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21) Blogging – Blogging is a solid home based business idea that requires very little investment. You need to convey proper writing skills and have technical knowledge about it. You can start this as one of the best small business ideas at home.

22) Photography – If you are very good at photography or if it is your passion, you can always consider it as your business. You should invest a little in a high resolution camera. You can take professional training for this.

23) Convenience Store – Opening a convenience store in a residential area is always a good business idea. You have to be smart and lucky in this business, to keep things in the store to increase the profit. If you can offer discounts, free home delivery etc, this can quickly turn into a very profitable small business.

Small Scale Business With Low Investment

24) Personalized Gift – The trend of giving personalized gifts is on the rise these days. You can take this business by giving gifts like bags, backpacks, napkins etc. to customers. This business can also be done online.

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25) Placement Services – One can earn commission by providing workers to companies and industries. This low investment business is very successful in corporate cities.

26) Wedding Planner – If you have good management skills and creative skills, a wedding planning business can be a good choice. It takes a strong team effort and constant effort to make this business a success.

27) Real estate agency – A real estate agency is a great small business idea for the unorganized sector. To be successful in this business you need to have good public relations and information about the property.

28) Babysitting – Both partners work, the idea of ​​babysitting is a hot business idea. Couples need a friendly, clean and responsible place where they can leave their children. If you love children, babysitting can be a great small business to start.

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29) Catering – Home made food and tiffin center is a good small business idea. You can offer home or office delivery services to customers.