Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

By | May 2, 2023

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Living outside the city doesn’t mean there is a lack of business opportunities. In fact, you could say the opposite is true. There are many small town business ideas that you can take advantage of.

Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

Small towns have needs just like larger communities. Setting up coffee shops, grocery stores, or even something like pet grooming can become profitable businesses. In addition, small town residents can still open an online business and access the global market.

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If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a profitable business, here are 71 small town business ideas to get you started.

Content Small Town Business Ideas Build Affiliate Site Local ArtistElectricianFood TruckFreelance WriterFurniture RestorationGeneral HandymanGreen Energy SpecialistGlass Blowing/Glass Art ShopGreenhouseGymHauling Truck/Large Truck RentalIce Cream ShopJunk Hauling/Junkyard OperatorLandscapingLiquor StoreLocal Blogger & YouTuberLocal MuseumLocal Tour GuideMaintenance & Home UpkeepMassageMechanicOff the Grid Power InstallationOnline FlipperBeauty SalonSecond Hand StoreArcadePaintball /Airsoft Store Personal Pet Trainer Grooming Plumber/HVAC Services Rural Revitalization Programs Rural Pottery Programs Rural Podcast Development Services Organic Farm Business Small Business Website Creation Engine Repair Engine Repair Specialist Restaurant or Tavern Sporting Goods Store Startup Local Paper Store Photographer & Videographer T-Storage Home Builder Small Services Lessons Used Clothing Vacation Store Sign Up or Virtual Personal Business Technology

Whether you want to start a full-time business or just want to start a side hustle, there are tons of benefits to starting a business outside of the big city.

You can generate passive income from worldwide visitors. All you need is an internet connection, some education and the discipline to write content.

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Niche Pursuits started from this business model, and thousands of people make a full time living building affiliate websites within a niche market.

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Check out the Authority Hacker System by Authority Hacker members for an in-depth course on how to get started and earn fast!

Many people sell valuable collectible pairs without knowing what they are worth. If you can learn to identify these sneakers and buy them at low prices, you can sell them for a lot more.

Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

See how to make money selling shoes or go straight to the Sneakerhead course to learn how to take advantage of the high demand and start your own home business.

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With online ticketing, it pays off more than ever. Buy tickets low, sell them to fans high and take the profits.

You can also check out his detailed card flipping course and learn how to make a living from it.

Animal training may be the perfect business idea for you if you are comfortable with animals and love working with people and their pets.

There is training a house dog to obey basic commands or training a hunting dog to collect pheasants or ducks.

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Horse hacking and training is another skilled trade that is expected to be more popular in small towns.

When dealing with animals, you can benefit from loyal customers because they are often repeat customers. People tend to be very selective when it comes to working with their pets, if you establish yourself well early, this is definitely one of the best small town business ideas.

Help grandparents stay in touch with their grandchildren by teaching them how to complete specific tasks online.

Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

There are many different types of people in small towns who may require and benefit from different types of computer services.

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The more skills you can learn, the more clients you will find, and you can return to those clients to teach them new things.

Since your customer base may be limited in smaller cities, take advantage of nearby cities and get more people to help you.

B&B owners in small towns will tell you there is no shortage of business. In fact, B&Bs tend to improve outside of the big city.

Create a themed bed and breakfast and enjoy renting from temporary tenants during holidays, dates, family visits or other vacations. Once you build a list of repeat customers, you can even consider expanding to neighboring cities.

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Getting involved in your local community is a great idea to help turn this into a profitable business plan. You can count on small town residents in your area to recommend your business, and in turn you can share with your guests all that your town has to offer.

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Do your research to find out where to sell your items online, then double your chances of reaching your target market by selling online and in a small town store.

If you’re looking for small town business ideas and love books, create a warm and welcoming experience at an independent bookstore.

Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

You can satisfy the inhabitants of the small town or even find rare collections that can be enough to attract tourists.

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Add a kitchen, get a liquor license, start a league, stay open late and get traffic every day of the week!

Is your town lacking a local grocery store? Or maybe there is no pet store, gas station, florist or auto mechanic?

Look for a local need. This can be basic or very site specific. Then come up with a business plan to build your own business that offers the services your local community needs.

It’s a great way to take a small piece of land (or create one inside) and get paid to help others enjoy it.

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After the upfront investment, a good car wash can be separated as much as possible. This is one of the most profitable small town business ideas for passive income.

Add a few vending machines, fill them up weekly over the summer, and you’re good to go (and we’ve got a full step-by-step guide on how to start a vending machine business to help you out)!

Others use country land by growing oak or walnut for 40 years, but a Christmas tree farm is much more practical.

Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

Plant several acres of pines, stagger them so that one section is harvested, replanted and then moved to another the following year.

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This business plan works well in small towns because there is usually a lot of land around the area. You can provide your own city as well as nearby cities.

Many country houses use wood stoves for heating and even for cooking, and not everyone has time to assemble it themselves.

If you cut and deliver firewood, you will likely have a lot of work, especially in smaller towns where services are scarce.

In small towns where independence in old age is an important part of local and family culture, this is a great service and money maker.

Unique Business Ideas For A Coffee Shop

A coffee shop/wine bar is a great example. Instead of being just a coffee shop, or just a wine bar – be both.

To be a cafe in the morning and early afternoon. Then make a seamless transition to a relaxed wine bar in the afternoon and evening.

Both in one is a great way to stand out and bring additional value to a small community.

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Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

You can specialize in one or two areas, or you can be a general collectibles store that attracts many locals to the area.

Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick With Success Strategies

Passionate collectors. They will go to a store that meets their interests. This is one of those small town business ideas that can also help attract tourists to the area.

Even in small rural towns, you’ll find comic book fans, gamers, and a good store like this can bring traffic from miles away.

When it comes to small town business ideas with less competition, there’s a good chance that computer repair isn’t a bad idea.

Choose your location carefully and sell basic groceries, snacks, a few odds and ends. If you stay open late (compared to local grocery stores), chances are you’ll get more business as well.

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This is a great idea if you are a person and want to be a focal point in your community.

Take the bare rural land that does nothing and build an attraction. Outdoor art, obstacle course, hedge maze, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Your city may lack good restaurants or have a market in catering for certain events.

Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

You can seek out locally sourced ingredients to set your food truck apart and perform at things like local sporting events.

Small Town Business Ideas With Big Potential

The good news about food trucks is that you can even make it to the next town over if you’re looking for additional business.

It might not seem like one of the obvious small town business ideas, but starting a business as an author is perfect from a small town.

You can do everything you need online and work from home, the park, the library or wherever you want!

Since new products are not available like in big cities, there are more opportunities for such things.

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Are you good with your hands Do you know all the simple repairs to a damaged toilet, sink, gutters or screen door?

A general handyman who offers repair services can be highly valued in small towns (and we totally did

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