Creative Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

By | April 23, 2023

Creative Writing Prompts For Elementary Students – This is the ultimate bank of 300+ writing prompts for kids. From creative writing to journal ideas and quick poetry prompts. Here are some fun ideas for quick writing when kids are bored or just need a little inspiration.

This creative writing list for kids mixes writing exercises, short story ideas, creative prompts, and picture prompts. Anything that helps a writer overcome obstacles and write a complete story is great. If reading this list is too difficult, use the writing prompt generator below to get random ideas quickly. There is also a free PDF version of this post at the end of this list. Read!

Creative Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

Creative Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

It’s time to download our free printables for kids as PDFs! This printable PDF contains 150 writing prompts for kids that you can use as inspiration for your next story! For more interesting writing prompts, check out our dedicated writing prompts section.

Kids Creative Writing Prompts: 120 Fun Story Starters To Kickstart Kids Imagination And Spark Ideas: Prompts By Hallows: 9781696115858: Books

This children’s collection is perfect for young and experienced writers alike. With these creative writing prompts, you’ll be more inspired and ready to overcome your writer’s block. Share your writing suggestions and tips in the comments below.

Marty Jadygoy is the owner of Imagine Forest. When she’s not reading a ton of books or writing her own stories, she likes to be surrounded by the magical creatures that live in the Imagine Forest. While living in a treehouse, she spent her time helping children around the world with her writing skills and creativity.

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We use cookies to make this website safe and effective for all users. Your continued use of this site will be deemed satisfactory. Inspire your kids to write with these 40 writing prompts! Half the problem with writing is that children have trouble deciding what to write. These printable prompt cards eliminate these problems and help kids get into writing with practice.

Creative Writing Prompts

This post was originally published in June 2013 and was updated in May 2021 with new ideas and quick printable cards.

These writing ideas are suitable for grades 3-5 or ages 8-10. Of course, every student is different, so you can find a theme/card that works best for your child.

Includes 40 printable writing cards. Ideas cover different writing styles: narrative, persuasive, descriptive, and how to use them. There are also several cards with a learning theme.

Creative Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

We offer this application as a free download, but please use it for personal use only. Don’t post it on your own website. After you print out the writing prompts, cut out the card and you have an instant writing station!

Roll & Write: Fun & Creative Writing Prompts — The Classroom Nook

Summer is a great time for extra writing practice! You can easily make it fun for your kids to get new notebooks and fun pens. Who says writing has to be done at a table or desk? Children can spread blankets under the tree or sit on the playset. Or go to the park or coffee shop to spend some time writing!

However, these writing prompts are not summer-themed, so they can be used any time of year.

You can let your kids write for practice, which is definitely worth it! If you’re doing this with summer writing, you might want to write it and that’s it!!

Or you can add more structure. If you want to teach a writing course, we recommend:

Writing Prompts For Kids: A Creative Workbook For Ages 7 To 9: Aierstok, Emily: 9781685395711: Books

1. Write ahead. Create a list or graphic organizer. Most prompts are designed to get kids writing five-paragraph essays. You can easily plot 3 key points with supporting details and a brief introduction and conclusion.

3. Editing children’s punctuation, spelling and grammar. Replace boring words like “good” and “awesome” with clearer words like “awesome” and “fantastic.”

4. If I miss something, parents edit for the same. (Remember: we don’t edit for punishment, we edit because the best writers do.)

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Creative Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

Ready to print a set of 40 instant flash cards? Click on the link below. The file will open and you can save or print it there. We may earn a commission when you purchase the products and services we recommend from one of our links. Amazon Associates earn income through referrals. Thanks for your help!

Emoji Writing Prompts

It’s never too early to start writing. That’s why we’ve created a list of 300 creative children’s writing prompts that teachers and parents can use.

You’ll love the fun idea of ​​writing prompts that will help your kids express their creativity and write in no time!

These are great to use as children’s journal writing prompts, short story writing prompts, or as creative exercises for students and children of all ages. Your child can write an essay, a poem, or even an entire book!

Whether you’re a teacher or parent who wants to inspire your child to write, or an adult who wants to learn to write in a more playful and youthful way, we hope these creative writing prompts inspire you!

Writing Prompts For Kids: Get Their Creative Juices Flowing With One Month Of Fun Writing Printable Worksheets — Parent|re.mix

Buy a printable card! We’ve always given away these 300 baby writing lists for free, but now I’m excited to offer ad-free printable versions of these instructions in my online Etsy shop. Thank you for your support!

#One. Imagine a giant box with your name on it at your door. What’s inside and what happens when you open it?

# 2. Write a short story about what it would be like to wake up one morning with a mermaid tail.

Creative Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

# third. Which is better, winter or summer? Write why you think winter or summer is better.

Winter Writing Prompts For Kids

#9 If you had a secret superpower, what would you want and why?

# 10. Write down 3 places you would like to visit one day. What do these three places have in common?

#12. Imagine what would happen if someone shortened your height by an inch. How will your life change?

#13 If you ruled the world, what would you do to make it happier?

Make A Writing Jar (plus 101 Prompts To Fill It!)

# 14. Write a story about what it’s like to climb the highest mountain in the world.

# 15. If you were planning a school lunch menu, what foods would you serve each day?

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# 19. You’re a mad scientist and you’ve invented a new vegetable. What do you say? What does it look like? How does it taste? most importantly:

Creative Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

# 20. You go to school one morning and find your best friend turned into a frog by an evil wizard! How can you help your friend?

Winter Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

# 23. I always imagine what it would be like to live on a boat and write about it.

#26 You are walking through the forest when one of the trees starts talking to you. What does he say? what are you doing

# 27. The weather forecast calls for a midsummer storm. what are you doing

# 29. What was your favorite toy when you were young? Do you still love to play with them?

Christmas Writing Prompts

# 35. You write a travel guide for children visiting your city. Where do you think you should visit?

#37 Imagine what it would be like without electricity. What is different in everyday life?

#38 You are building a new city! What do you think your city needs? How do you convince people to move to your new city?

Creative Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

# 39. What is your favorite movie? Review the film and why you think people should see it.

Kindergarten Writing Prompts

#40 Imagine getting a magical sweater for your birthday. What if I wear a sweater? What do you do with your newfound magical powers?

# 41. You’re a security guard at the zoo, and someone stole the rhinoceros! How to Track a Thief?

# 42. Invited to lunch with the Queen. What food do you eat and what topics do you talk about with the Queen?

# 43. If you could design a school uniform, what would you recommend? what color would it be?

Writing Clinic: Creative Writing Prompts (9)

# 45. We’re running a lemonade stand. Explain the steps involved in making lemonade and the types of customers you meet throughout the day.

# 48. You decide to grow sunflowers, but they are so tall they reach the sky! Write down what happens when you decide to quit. What do you discover?

# 49. Imagine

Creative Writing Prompts For Elementary Students

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