Different Kinds Of Business Letter

By | April 18, 2023

Different Kinds Of Business Letter – Letter of announcement (sales, sales promotion, circular) Letter of transmission Letter of adjustment Letter of employment (i). Request, (ii). Unsolicited Direct Request: Complaint or Complaint Investigation Order

4 Announcement letters These letters are written to make some announcement; which can be good or bad. It can be written for one person or for members of different groups. It can be printed, mimeographed, or similar. It can also be called a circular letter. The content of announcements may include: sales and events, procedures, policies, liabilities, promotions, changes, awards, honors, people’s activities, admissions or withdrawals, deaths, celebrations, etc.

Different Kinds Of Business Letter

Different Kinds Of Business Letter

5 Sales letter A sales letter is a sales pitch. It is an effective and practical way to secure business. It is also different from advertising in that advertising is addressed to a whole group of potential customers, while a sales letter is tailored to the needs of people and nature. Sales letters provide an economical way to sell goods and services, but they take time. Unsolicited sales letters fall into the category of “persuasive solicitations.”

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Sales promotion letters are written to sell indirectly. The writing prompts the reader to buy, but does not encourage (advise). In the sales promotion letter written by the customer, there is less sales resistance while in the customer sales letter the reader resistance is great. The main purpose of these letters is to promote sales directly. These letters are messages of good news.

7 Circular Letter A circular letter is a document or letter sent to a closed group of people with the intention of wide circulation. In business, circular letters are used to inform recipients of new regulations or other important matters.

9 Conveyances These are letters that convey something like a check, document, form, book, booklet, paper or report to a client or business.

Adjustment Letter An adjustment letter is prepared in response to a complaint, request or complaint letter. It is appreciated to give the customer the benefit of any doubt. Most people are honest in their claims and complaints, and it is better to make the desired adjustment than risk losing a customer. The success of the letter depends not only on what the company says, but also on how the company says it. The adjustments can be in the following forms or situations. Grant claims. Seller’s fault Buyer’s fault When the fault has not been determined and will be adjusted. Grant requests, such as the approval of credit denial requests.

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13 Job letter A job letter is a kind of sales letter or sales promotion letter, and the candidate is a product. It is used by a candidate to offer his services to the potential employer. A job letter can: a. Request (invitation) b. don’t ask (don’t invite)

14 The work letter. Job letters are required to be written in response to advertisements and or calls to the employer. b. The letter is required for the applicant’s account to search for job opportunities. The unsolicited letter is not only a sales letter, but also a question about the availability of work.

When the goods or services received are not according to the sales contract or when the payment is not received in time, complaint on the damaged part. Complaints also occur when the product is not received within the specified time period. The letters written to repair the complaints some of them are the following: The product is not according to the price, quality, quantity, size, color, model, taste or taste. The product is defective. The product is found to be broken. The time, place and method of delivery are not in accordance with the agreement. Anomalies or miscalculations in invoice, bill or cash memo. Commission or discount not in accordance with the contract. The payment is not on time.

Different Kinds Of Business Letter

When writing complaints, you must be very careful. These letters should be objective, logical, polite, and without giving any sign of anger or indignation. When avoiding your complaint, you can request one or more of the following. Refund of the money you paid for the product. Free repair. Free product replacement. An actual shipment of the right product. Price concession due to damage to the product. Invoice or bill correction.

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Letters of inquiry Letters of inquiry are those written to seek some information about the company, people, goods, or services, the letter of inquiry can be divided into three categories.

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Investigation of the product The investigation of the product is generally carried out in the following aspects or respects. The price of the product. Quality and variety available. Other characteristics of the product such as brand, model, style, color, design, taste, expected life and packaging. Commission to sellers and other buyers. Regular and special quantity discounts. Conditions and sales Credit facility and its minimum and maximum period Sales returns and allowances. Place, time and method of delivery. Whether the goods are available in ready stock or made to order. Warranty or guarantee of the product.

What is their attitude towards the young, the elderly, their partners and others? Is the employer (or former employer) satisfied with the applicant’s qualities such as self-confidence, determination and drive? The candidate’s sociability, social sensitivity, manners. His ability to judge the situation, understand people, and respond with vigilance and intelligence. Willingness to assume routine and special responsibilities. His adaptability, flexibility, sincerity, ambition, initiative, special skills, intelligence. The candidate’s emotional stability, temperament, mood. Integrity, punctuality and regularity, workaholics.

21 Situation investigation This type of investigation is done through a letter or another way to get to know a company to establish its commercial character and image on the market. The company that has been requested is the one that wants to borrow or buy on credit and it is their first transaction with the request. These points can be covered in the investigation of the situation. The goodwill of the market that the person or company is investigating He or she deals with customers, suppliers and other parties. Investigate the payment habits of financial leaps.

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22 Order Letter An order letter is sent to vendors to purchase goods and services. It must contain the following information: Name, brand, quality, size, color, design, model and / or other description of the product you want. The number or number required. The fees were agreed upon. Mode of payment

To make this website work, we record user data and share it with processors. To use this website, you must accept our privacy policy, including the cookie policy. Cover letter, sales and credit card, application, etc. Directed to good news and neutral situation. Address bad news with persuasive messages. Choose the right channels and media for effective communication.

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2 COMMERCIAL LETTER It is a letter written in formal language, used when writing from one commercial organization to another, or for correspondence between these organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties. They are used for different purposes; such as placing orders, asking questions, making credit requests, requesting claims and adjustments, apologizing for a mistake or simply conveying good will. etc. Even today, they are very useful because they produce a permanent record, they are confidential, formal and convey persuasive, well-considered messages. The style of the letter depends on the relationship between the parties involved.

Different Kinds Of Business Letter

Include company logo/symbol/name, address, postal code, telephone number, fax number, address and website of the company. Print top center/left or right. SECRET ADDRESS: This is usually given at the top of the letter, but if there is none, the sender’s name, address and contact details can be typed.

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5 References Include a reference line to identify a file or case number, invoice number or any other internal identifying information, if your company requires it. Some companies have specific reference codes that are placed either in a reference line below the date, or at the bottom of the letter.

If the paper card includes a paper card, write the date 2 to 3 lines below the paper card, otherwise write below the return address. Never send a letter without a date. The date is written in two styles. The British method (ordinal number): July 4, 2012 The American method (cardinal number): July 4, 2012 Never write as o 7/2/12 because it shows that the writer is careless o rushed

7 Inside Address Contains the name and address of the company or person writing the letter. Write to the left, next to the margin, two spaces below the date line. Use courtesy titles before the recipient’s name such as Mr., Mrs., Shri, Smt., Miss, Ms, Mrs., Dr., Prof., Capt., Maj., Col., Gen. etc. The address may also begin. and a job title or department (if you don’t know the name). For example: Sales Manager, Accounts Department etc.

The subject line is used so that the reader immediately knows what your letter is about. Use “Subject” or “Re”. The subject usually comes between greeting and body. Recipient reference means the letter number of the recipient mentioned under the reference heading. This will allow

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