New Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

By | June 8, 2023

New Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment – Kerala is God’s country located on the Malabar coast of India. Kerala is a beautiful state rich in culture, good food and a very popular tourist destination in India.

In 2019, Kerala was ranked in the top performer category of startup ecosystem in India. Kerala especially Kochi is a very lucrative location for new startups. That is why it is also called the financial and corporate capital of Kerala.

New Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

New Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

If you are a young entrepreneur thinking of starting a business in Kerala but confused where to start? You have come to the right place.

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The mission of KSUM (Kerala Startup) is to promote startups and make Kerala an investor-friendly state as a government policy.

Kerala has seen strong economic growth in the past year. There is also an ample supply of skilled and semi-skilled workers, which will make the recruitment process a bit easier.

With 100% literacy rate and 100% digital rate, finding literate employees is easy. And if you are looking to take your business online, Kerala has a massive online presence due to its 100% digital rate.

Property prices in Kerala are relatively low compared to other states and rents are also cheap.

Top 15 Most Profitable Startup Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

Employee salaries are also low in Kerala making it ideal to start a new business with low investment.

Kerala has an extensive railway line which keeps Kerala well connected with other states of India. There are also several ports and airports.

Here are 5 reasons why Kerala is the best place to start a business. Now let’s move on to the list of 10 small business ideas in Kerala.

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New Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

Kerala is a very beautiful place. Which attracts many tourists from all over the world every year.

Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Investment

Tourism in Kerala contributes 13% of the state’s GDP. With that being said the tourism business in Kerala is very lucrative. You can work as a tour guide or open a small space for travel related services. You can also create a website that offers services like ticketing, hotel rentals, etc.

Kerala has a monopoly when it comes to lemongrass oil production. 100% lemongrass oil is produced and exported from Kerala making it a great small business.

Banana chips are a unique snack of Kerala. Bananas are grown in abundance in Kerala and processing bananas into chips is a simple process.

Starting a small banana chip factory is a very profitable business in Kerala. Banana chips are always in high demand. And people generally prefer the fried bananas produced in Kerala.

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Kerala is known as the land of gods, so what better small business than making agarbatti in Kerala. Making agarbatti requires labor which is easily available in Kerala and at cheap prices. too

Kerala has its own Ayurvedic treatment which is popular among tourists. Tourism is a very thriving business in Kerala and no tourist leaves Kerala without undergoing Ayurvedic treatment. This therapy gives people relaxation and release from stress.

You can open an Ayurvedic parlor which requires very little investment but is very profitable.

New Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

Coconut is an important part of Kerala. You can find coconut trees everywhere in Kerala. This makes Kerala famous for coconut products like cookies, oil etc.

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With so many coconuts in this state you can start a small factory manufacturing coconut products and earn a lot of income.

Kerala is also famous for its beaches. Tourists come to the beach to relax and sunbathe.

Beachwear is a very popular type of clothing that is perfect for the beach. Be it a man or a woman, everyone needs a good pair of beach wear. Both of these are highly profitable business ideas.

Kerala Balarampuram is famous for sarees but they are manufactured only in Balarampuram. You can open a shop selling these types of sarees. Or you can set up an online store. If you want to expand your business globally.

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Sarees and gold are associated with prosperity in Kerala and opening a saree shop in Kerala is a very profitable business idea.

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India is famous for its spices and so is Kerala. Kerala spices are famous all over the world; Kerala pepper and cardamom are some of them. Tourists are very interested in knowing which animals are used in their food. And they are always interested in buying them.

Kerala is famous for home furnishing, especially DIY work. The natives of Kerala are very professional in converting all items into home decor. Coconut shell bowls, wooden spoons, wind chimes are some examples.

New Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

Setting up an offline home decor store is a good business idea. You can take your business global by setting up an online store.

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Kerala is a great location when it comes to business and starting a business. New businesses are encouraged in Kerala due to government support.

Starting up is expensive There are some risks involved in starting up. It doesn’t matter if your startup is big or small, Kerala is the best place to start. The state attracts a large number of tourists every year which is a boon for all business owners.

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My name is Richard Smith from USA. I am an email marketing expert. I have my own blog site. Where people find all paid email and blog campaigns and information. I love to motivate and inspire young people who want to learn digital marketing. Startups are proving to be a lucrative opportunity for millennials who are eager to start their own businesses with low investment. The last two years in particular have been a nightmare for the entire world.

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Many people lost their jobs and many businesses closed. However, there are many new low-investment business ideas that young entrepreneurs try and make a profit.

If you have a great idea and are determined to succeed. You can start your business online or offline. From Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg, some of the most influential business leaders started their businesses from their garages or dorms.

If you are looking for the most amazing startup business ideas that require minimal investment. Here is the list:

New Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment

Many people find their love for cooking during the lockdown measures. Especially baking. I once read an article written by Veer Singhvi in ​​which he told how people started baking bread during the lockdown. Want to know what’s more appealing? These rotis are as good as those made by chefs in high-end restaurants.

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So if you think you are passionate about baking. You can start baking. Because online food business is the most popular and profitable business in India. Bakery shops are also popular.

The best thing about starting an online bakery is that it is a low investment business idea and can be started from the comfort of your own kitchen. All you need is an oven and ingredients. Because cake is an integral part of all celebrations. So you can expect big orders. Because nowadays people prefer to buy home cooked food. You can also share online recipes to increase online engagement and customers.

Drop shipping is one of the most successful small businesses in India. It is a retail fulfillment method where you don’t need any inventory to run an online store. Therefore, you must have limited capital and can start a business with very little investment. Whenever a customer places an order. Products are purchased from third parties and shipped directly to consumers.

Because you don’t need an inventory store. So you can fully focus on your marketing strategy. However, make sure your products are of high quality. Because the reputation of your store will depend entirely on the quality of the products you are offering.

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Another great low investment business idea is to sell handmade products. If you want to start a business that will not only benefit you. It also opens doors for local artisans. You can also try selling products handcrafted by local Indian artisans.

From candles to soaps to pottery to DIY decorations, there’s a wide selection right from the start. You can connect with local artisans and create unique and customized products for your customers to love. It will not only promote Indian arts and crafts. It also gives local artists the decent income they truly deserve.

Apart from these three concepts there are other concepts. Many more that can help you start your own business. Many successful businesses in India started small. With commitment and determination, you can do it.

New Business Ideas In Kerala With Low Investment