Summer Camp Jobs For 13 Year Olds

By | October 9, 2023

Summer Camp Jobs For 13 Year Olds – The main requirement for a consultant is the desire to live, work and play with children. We are looking for mature and reliable people who can be considered part of the team and who are committed to personal and professional development.

Here, our cabin consultants are also activity specialists. This means you spend your days sharing your passion for sports, art or nature with the entire camp community.

Summer Camp Jobs For 13 Year Olds

Summer Camp Jobs For 13 Year Olds

We are looking for people who like to work hard and play hard! Most employees return for more than one summer, and many find clarity in their career goals after spending a summer with us. We are happy to work with you to fulfill your internship requirements, if you have any.

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Unit leaders are responsible for supervising campers and counselors in one or two age groups. As a Head of Unit, you will be the liaison between staff, campers, administration and parents. The task requires organization, creativity, patience, diligence and hard work. Unit leaders have been known to sing beautiful hymns on Bonfire Sunday! These positions are usually filled by permanent employees who have spent at least one summer in the city.

Department heads are responsible for overseeing the department’s grounds, which includes organizing the daily program (6 activity periods) for campers and staff, as well as maintaining the facility’s equipment and grounds. Heads of departments are specialists in the field of their program. In addition to activity instruction experience, the position requires organization, creativity, good decision-making skills, and a “teacher’s voice.” As a department head, you are responsible for everything in your department in .

CRrew wears many hats on CR! You can plan birthdays, employee appreciation, dinners and special events in one minute. The next minute you’ll be serving appetizers, snacks, and popsicles on a hot day. Mailing, phone calls, typos, copying, announcements and greeting guests? Yes, the crew too. The crew works together in a busy office and constantly interacts with campers and staff. They are organized, punctual, friendly, full of energy and very hardworking.

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An archery instructor works with small groups of campers on the mechanics of archery, with special emphasis on safety and technique. Experience teaching archery is preferred, although not required. We will teach you to learn archery if you have experience as a participant! The ideal candidate is ready to be part of our ROAR (Ropes and Archery) team.

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Our extensive arts and crafts program is housed in a 3-story building called the Art Warehouse. It’s a great space to share your appreciation for art, and to explore and learn new mediums!

The lower floor is for tiles and ceramics. We have 6 ceramic wheels and our own ovens. The middle floor is dedicated to fine arts, including painting, drawing, photography, and more. Upstairs for all kinds of crafts – anything you can think of! We do tie dyeing, sewing, candle making, paper crafting, beading, looms, stained glass and so much more!

Under your guidance, campers work on projects that can be completed in one activity period as well as long-term projects.

Summer Camp Jobs For 13 Year Olds

Although you don’t have to be an art major in school, experience and knowledge in teaching different types of art is very helpful.

Summer Camps For Kids & Teens

Our dance teachers use our dance studio as well as outside to teach dance for four to six hours each day. You must have experience and personal knowledge in teaching and choreographing a variety of dance styles, especially jazz and hip-hop. You will be responsible for leading our campers in “dances”, which are fun competitions with other campers in our area, as well as the finale of the summer dance performance for the entire community.

Dance is part of our performing arts program (theatre, music and dance) so the ideal candidate would be delighted to join and teach these three arts.

Our fitness department is fun! Fitness instructors teach a variety of classes, including Zumba, yoga, step, cardio and conditioning. Fitness is a particularly popular activity among our older girls. As a teacher, you have a lot of flexibility in choosing the specific lessons you teach and the music that accompanies them. We want girls to learn proper technique, stay active, and most of all, have fun exercising!

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Our gymnastics program is located in a recreation room overlooking beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. We are looking for people who have experience as both a member and trainer in a gym. Our gymnastics instructors use proper detection techniques when teaching and coaching gymnasts of all levels on spring, plank, parallel bars, balance beam and vault.

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The landscaping department is enthusiastic, energetic and comprehensive. Employees of this department train more than one sport. Our field staff must be flexible, organized and able to teach classes for both large and small groups. Lessons focus on progressive skill development and teamwork with tons of fun!

Some staff run small classes for tourists who are interested in a particular sport or practice at home for a school team. Athletic staff have the opportunity to coach an inter-camp team (competing against other camps in the area) or an intra-camp team (small competitions we hold for our camps).

The natural program has no boundaries. It is formed every summer from the passions of its members. As a nature teacher, you can share your love of the outdoors with our campers, teach and have fun. We have a connection with a local farm where you can camp to pick vegetables, milk cows and learn a lot! There is a local blueberry farm that loves when we bring our girls to pick blueberries in August. You can take campers on hikes, cook, craft, build a campfire, you name it!

Summer Camp Jobs For 13 Year Olds

The outdoor adventure section combines hiking, camping and exploring the beautiful mountains and beaches of New England. You have a unique opportunity to introduce children to the world of camping and share your love for it. We understand that tourists return from their trips excited and eager to go again.

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In the summer, all our youth camps operate overnight. Our intermediate campers have the option to go on an optional overnight excursion. You will take our senior campers on special trips to the Maine coast, including a 2-night trip to Camden and a 3-night trip to Bar Harbor. One of the most memorable trips with a select group of our senior hikers is a hike to Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast.

As an outdoor travel agent, you’ll definitely be working hard and playing hard. We are looking for people who enjoy camping and have skills such as: building fires, cooking over a campfire, pitching tents, leading groups on hikes, logistics and driving a 15 passenger vehicle. We will help you with each of these skills!

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The main requirements are that you are responsible, aware of safety and able to manage large groups. This is helpful if you are a first responder in the wilderness, but not essential. You must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license to be an OA member.

In summer – 2 special “Night at the Theater”. The artists are responsible for organizing these shows. We encourage all girls to participate in theater productions, and many campers also enjoy helping out behind the scenes.

Benefits Of Summer Camp For Your Kids

PA staff must have experience in at least three of the following: directing, acting, make-up, make-up, costumes, singing, music (teaching and playing instruments), dancing, lighting, sound equipment.

Our camp photographers spend the day among smiling campers, as if reaching for the lens! We are looking for people who are proficient in digital photography – taking photos, editing photos and uploading them to the site for parents to see. It is very important for parents to be able to “see” their daughter, and it is your job to do this every day for all parents. You will also be responsible for maintaining labeled and organized photo files to be used for the end-of-summer slide show and yearbook.

A horseback riding program is offered as an optional activity. So you will be working with a select group of campers who have a genuine interest in learning to ride or improving their skills at home. You will work with each camper two to four times per week. Riding instructors must have personal experience and experience teaching riding skills at all levels.

Summer Camp Jobs For 13 Year Olds

In addition to the training duties, the equestrian staff is responsible for the care of the horses. That’s why riding instructors don’t live in cabins with campers. You will be assigned as an “aunt” to a group of girls with whom you will eat and participate in certain activities. This allows you to connect to the cabin and allow a different schedule depending on the needs of the horses.

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