Different Types Of Toxic Relationships

By | April 20, 2023

Different Types Of Toxic Relationships – Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Health and Mental Health Counseling), Life and Relationship Coach Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Health and Mental Health Counseling), Life and Relationship Coach Katina Tarver is a Licensed Life Coach. Masters in Mental Health and Health Counseling, and Bachelors in Psychology. Her focus in psychotherapy and behavioral health aims to take an integrated approach to mental health and wellness. She is also a certified career coach, counselor, and mediator for individuals, families, couples, and small businesses. Founder of Building Stronger People and a member of the Board of Directors for the Mental Wellness and Mental Health Program at the American Dream Academy in Houston. He is also a chancellor at Capella University. Learn more about our Research Council

Sad that you or a loved one is going through this and happy that you finally decided to educate yourself about it and find a way to overcome it.

Different Types Of Toxic Relationships

Different Types Of Toxic Relationships

That person next to you never seems satisfied, no matter how hard they try. You try to please them and they still criticize your efforts every time…

Types Of Toxic Relationships And Their Warning Signs · Harrogate Family Law

The partner(s) in a toxic relationship feel trapped and controlled by others. They don’t feel love and encouragement from the other person, and instead feel guilty, lose trust, and sometimes it’s abuse.

A toxic relationship describes an unhealthy relationship in which one or both parties are manipulated, stopped, and manipulated by the other.

For example, in normal relationships, people help each other with their trust. However, toxic people make their partners feel bad so they can feel good about themselves.

Also, toxic relationships are harmful factors for one or both parties in the relationship. A lack of support in and of itself can destroy relationships and people.

How To Leave A Toxic Relationship, According To A Psychologist

If you are in a toxic relationship, you may initially feel like the other person is getting defensive. You feel safe because of their jealousy and you think they are beautiful. But soon it may take a different form.

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1. Your partner is always texting you to stalk you and accuse you of cheating when you can’t respond.

2. You are afraid to be honest because your partner will get angry and abuse you physically, emotionally, mentally, or verbally.

Different Types Of Toxic Relationships

3. You can’t talk to people of the opposite sex because your partner “loves you” too much for them to be insecure.

Surviving A Toxic Relationship

4. You and your partner verbally abuse each other in both public and private settings and feel that nothing is wrong.

However, many use abusive relationships and toxic relationships interchangeably, but they are not the same. Let it help you spot the differences.

You may have thought that toxicity and abuse are the same thing because you describe them as bad relationships, drama, manipulation, conflict, etc.

You can suffer from emotional, mental, verbal or physical abuse and its severity can vary in different relationships. Sometimes, the victim of abuse may not be aware of this.

Why You Keep Choosing The Same Toxic Relationships Over And Over Again

In any relationship, you may find toxicity in many forms that may include abuse. However, it is not a mandatory issue.

Your partner forces you to separate yourself from your other loved ones, for example, when you want to meet or talk to them, they cause problems. Or they tell you they don’t need you.

Because of the poison, you may need some alone time away from friends and family, but they may not force you to.

Different Types Of Toxic Relationships

You will face serious interference regarding studies or work because they want to control you by not having contact with the outside world.

The Relationship That’s Destroying You: 5 Types Of Sex Couples In Toxic Relationships Have

They may say something stupid to you or suspect you of being unfaithful to a colleague but they won’t let you study or work.

Your partner will verbally abuse you to make you suspicious. Public shaming is a common practice in abusive relationships.

Toxicity and abuse are closely related, and your toxic relationship can turn into a bad one if you don’t take drastic action.

However, there is no one size fits all for all toxic relationships… There are different types, let me help you identify them.

Inspirational Quotes To Help You End Your Toxic Relationship

Your spouse’s toxicity may appear differently than your parents’. If you only know one type, you may ignore the others and expose yourself to being poisoned by others.

I wouldn’t wish that on you – that’s why there are all kinds of toxic relationships out there and I repeat, it’s all just the way it is.

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Your partner makes fun of everything you do or say. It can be private, public or in front of your loved ones. They will always say that you are stupid, naive or stupid.

Different Types Of Toxic Relationships

However, if you ask them to stop such behavior, they will only hide their venom under a veil of jokes. They will underestimate you and say

Types Of Toxic Relationships You Need To Watch Out For

They want to take away your decision-making power and enjoy it for themselves. Therefore, they gradually instill self-doubt in your mind over time and tell you that no one wants someone like you.

Your partner always gets angry about random things. You try to do things perfectly so they don’t get angry and yet, you fail every time.

You may always get scared and try to please them in many ways, but always to make them happy.

However, people outside of your relationship don’t know what’s going on inside. Somehow, you feel like you’re alone in this dark secret of your partner.

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Even if you talk about it with your family or friends, everyone thinks they are the sweetest person in the world who makes you feel lonely.

Sometimes, they will indirectly let you know that your actions hurt them to make you feel guilty about your actions. Meanwhile, they seem like a saint who lets you be yourself.

They keep you in touch with crimes old and new, so you’ll want ways to solve crime-ridden situations.

Different Types Of Toxic Relationships

As you track their progress, they will reward you by supporting you with some important life decisions. They only control you with “good feelings” when you listen to them.

Signs Of A Toxic Work Culture

In such relationships, when you express your displeasure to them, they overreact, and then you attract them…. Even if you don’t agree.

Sometimes you feel like it’s better to bottle up your feelings than to take your last breath to calm them down.

For example, you have confronted your parents for not telling them of your late arrival, and they berate you for not thinking of them.

They depend on you for everything – from how you breathe to how you exhale. extreme sound? It’s original!

Toxic Relationship Concept Illustration. Violence Against Women. Stock Vector

However, if you get frustrated because they don’t lift a finger at home, that’s a huge part of your relationship.

Also, when something goes wrong with your decision, they easily blame you for shortsightedness.

They are controlling you with their passive aggressive nature when they are unhappy that you “picked something they asked you to choose”.

Different Types Of Toxic Relationships

For example, they will talk to you for a few days to let you figure things out on your own. You may feel frustrated and overwhelmed trying to understand your partner.

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People in independent relationships never keep their promises because they are not your slaves. They will say one thing and do the opposite because they are independent people.

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You always feel insecure about being part of their responsibilities and end up doing it yourself. This type of person controls you but never does what you want.

They always have a completely different priority in their life and it leaves you speechless. Also, you are always insecure about your relationship.

You wonder if they really want you, and if they are romantically committed to you. When you ask about a long-term commitment, you won’t get a straight answer that might cause you anxiety.

Ways To Eliminate Toxic Relationships

In such relationships, they act too sweetly to take advantage of you. However, when you fail to meet their demands, their kindness fades away.

An abusive person drains you emotionally when you’re not getting something out of the relationship. You always want to provide them with better stuff, or else they will leave you for a better provider.

Some clever freeloaders can manipulate you even longer with small and cheap favors once in a full moon to gain your trust.

Different Types Of Toxic Relationships

If you ignore them after that, they will make you feel guilty about past (non-existent) emotional or financial investments.

Understanding Unhealthy Relationship Patterns In Your Family

You tend to insecure them with all kinds of commitments they want — a joint account, an engagement, a registered marriage, or anything that can only bind you to them.

However, the more you give them, the more they control you. He will ask you why you smell an unfamiliar perfume and always indirectly blame you for cheating.

If it’s a long-term relationship, you might get tired of proving your innocence every time. They may ask your neighbors when you come back and who is in and out of the house.

A toxic relationship is not limited to romantic relationships or marriage. It can be a professional, personal or social relationship.

Toxic Relationships Types Onboarding Mobile App Page Screen Stock Vector Image & Art

So, as you read this, stop yourself. You might ignore the reality of some relationships if you notice a pattern like this…

Now, the person you are going to is not as supportive as before. You feel like you are alone in this wide world and they have no time for you.

You constantly feel frustrated because no one has your back. You tell yourself that you came into this world alone, and you will be left alone… and relationships are just an illusion.

Different Types Of Toxic Relationships

You avoid them because they always spread negativity. Whatever the reason, they will

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