Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

By | September 21, 2023

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students – The desire to start or grow their own business is driving many Filipinos to quit their 9-5 jobs. If you find yourself in such a situation, this collection of Negoso ideas for small business ideas in the Philippines may come in handy.

In fact, many Filipinos want the freedom that comes with serving them. People who own their own business have the potential to increase their income higher than a traditional 9 to 5 job. Of course, not everyone enjoys an easy job like us OFWs, hence owning a small business. The Philippines can help protect income and secure an uncertain future.

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

You will need between 200,000 JPY and 5,000 JPY to start a food business plan from your home kitchen. You can also sell your products to people who live near your home.

Small Business Ideas In 7 Categories With 3 Questions To Help You Decide

You can serve everything from appetizers to our popular lunches at your Merinda stand. Some of the popular Filipino dishes you can serve include lugaw, palabok, puto, biko, fish balls, quek-kwek, banana-kueh, and more. You can make a good living doing this in the Philippines. Electronic download business

A home e-commerce business can be started for less than $5,000. Dress up with a cheap phone, a SIM card from the dealer and $5,000 and you’re good to go. You can expand your e-download company by integrating it into a sari sari store or a bill-paying organization.

As a seller, your commission rate is between 3% and 13%. It doesn’t sound like much, but there’s plenty to start your own business in the Philippines if you’re not ready to quit your day job or have a thriving online business.

3. Plant or flower shop View this post on Instagram Post shared by Marian Flora Vida (@floravidabymarian)

How To Start A Sticker Business That Truly Makes Money In 2023

Do you have a green thumb and a desire to grow new plants from seed? Selling a plant is one of the lowest cost businesses you can start in the Philippines.

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If you have a location that is easily accessible to major roads, you can set up your own nursery or plant shop and offer your plants for sale. Opening an online botanical store is another option. Less real estate is needed, and you can reach an audience of people interested in urban gardening.

Start small with cacti and succulents. You can get 30 units for as little as P2, 000 from a trusted dealer. If you are looking for a reliable supplier outside of Metro Manila, you can get great discounts on Marigolds, one of the most popular plants in the Philippines. 50 yen each, forget me for 100, or orchid for 130. Snake plants and caladiums can be purchased for between P100 and P200. You can also buy money plants, aglaonema plants, and wealth plants for up to P500.

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

When deciding what types of plants to sell, you need to consider how much care they require. By starting with a few plants that you know will do well, your market will be large. Retail sale of rice

Business Ideas For Students

It is safe to assume that every Filipino eats at least one serving of rice every day. For many years, rice was the main course for every meal. It is a good idea to start selling rice as a commodity. A large number of potential customers is essential for the success of this company.

There is nothing particularly new about the concept of opening a chain store. We relied on this little store that had everything from cleaning supplies to groceries. Moreover, it is one of the most lucrative industries in the Philippines. If you have room in your home for a shop, you may want to start it.

You don’t need more than a few thousand pesos to set up shop in a sari-sari business. Depending on where you live, you can earn up to 15,000 yen a day. The profits of a small sari sari store can increase rapidly if you put in the time and effort to expand it into a full-scale grocery store.

Consider fruits and vegetables as a low investment business option in the Philippines. There aren’t many local farmers to take advantage of, and it won’t take long at all to get started. It is also possible with a starting budget of P20,000. Fruit sale

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Small Business Ideas In The Philippines (food Negosyo 2022)

All you need to do to start selling fruits and vegetables is to list your products, set your prices, and advertise your business locally or online. Fruits such as mangoes, bananas, and apples are staples in the Philippines. Vegetables are an integral part of many recipes; Make sure you have the most popular one.

Lettuce, broccoli, lettuce, sweet potatoes, carrots, seedless grapes, etc. all can be marketed to a specific audience (vegans, health nuts, etc.). Business Paragram

Do you need to set up a business on a limited budget? One of the lowest cost businesses you can start in the Philippines is selling iced drinks. Filipinos are crazy about iced milk tea, coffee, and fruit drinks, especially in the summer. You can start a liquor business with P500.

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

Are cakes and sugary desserts your favorite? Your hobby can be a successful business in the Philippines. If you have a baking business, you might want to make money selling your most delicious creations. You don’t need to invest in expensive machines and you can start your business only if you need to buy bread machines, which can add up to P50,000,000. Aihavan Business

Small Business Ideas In The Philippines Starting At Php 10,000

Generally, the best place to grill or grill is outside your home, especially if you live in a high-traffic neighborhood. Your customers can be your neighbors, passers-by, or passers-by at your grill stand.

Depending on your product portfolio and grill preferences, the amount you need to invest is flexible. You need P3, 000 to start selling famous brands like Izaw, Betamax and Adidas.

If you want to sell pork, chicken or seafood, you will need a large investment. Choose a trusted retailer that sells only premium products. Plus, your dressing and sauces are usually what keep people coming back, so perfect!

What you consider a simple hobby or interest can be a good source of income. By creating an online store, you can turn it into another source of income. And when appropriate, you can rent a stand and sell it at markets and conventions. Employment Service

How To Come Up With A Business Name

Many recruitment agencies were started by former OFWs with the goal of helping others become foreign workers themselves. It’s important to start building relationships now. A good network is essential for this business to be profitable and reliable.

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Another business that requires good connections, starting a travel agency—especially with packages targeting countries you know—is another great way to leverage your status as a foreign agent. Start learning about transportation services and attractions 13. Agency

Many companies these days offer agents for their products. Having a productive agency means you can buy it at a discount to sell later. If you can match the product with the right market, this can be another good income stream. Franchising

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

When franchising a well-established brand, whether it’s a convenience store, convenience store or even a restaurant, the franchise should be well researched and aligned with what the market wants. Real estate

The Best 36 Business Ideas For Students In 2023

Buying real estate is a profitable source of income. With the right investment and sales, real estate has become a very popular business. The value of the property goes up, so it makes a profit even if it’s empty. Stock Exchange

What is the best way to buy shares in Philippine companies? Stock market with research is very profitable. It is profitable to buy them with good specialists. Earning dividends is a low-income form of income.

There are many other ways to find an income stream. The possibilities are almost endless. They can even rival or exceed the earnings of working abroad. Making money doesn’t always mean working eight or more hours for a boss. You can control how you use your resources.

The best part is that you are in charge of your own time when you have other income opportunities. But this can only happen if you start making smart investments now

Top 20 Best Small Business Ideas For 2023 (updated)

It is important for us to use our money wisely because we will not be young forever. There will come a time in the future when the same things we can do now will no longer be used in the future. Besides, who wants a permanent job?


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