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Business Growth Strategies Banking – ATLANTA, March 23, 2016 // – According to the annual survey of SunTrust Banks, Inc. (NYSE: STI) Business Pulse Research, there is a significant change in the growth strategies of small and medium businesses that go with the programs. help expand it over the next five years. Thirty-six percent of middle-market companies with annual revenue between $10 million and $150 million are considering mergers and acquisitions, up from 25 percent in 2015. While 41 percent of small businesses with annual revenue of $2 million to $10 million plan to introduce a new product or service, 31 percent. In another shift, 29 percent of mid-market companies are now looking to international markets, while 32 percent of small businesses are looking to expand their business internally.

According to the annual survey of SunTrust Banks, Inc. Business Pulse Research There is a significant shift in the growth strategies of small and medium-sized businesses as they move forward with plans to expand over the next five years.

Business Growth Strategies Banking

Business Growth Strategies Banking

“Executives are optimistic, more than 80 percent say their business is strong and they are confident in their company’s finances. With confidence that capital is available, this is changing the way companies approach growth,” he said. over the next five years.” Beau Cummins, director of business and commercial banking at SunTrust. We’re seeing an increase in M&A interest for mid-market companies, and organic growth plans are declining significantly. “We’ve also seen growth through banks or equity It is expected especially by both sectors.”

Pdf) Merger And Acquisition As Survival And Sustainable Business Growth Strategy In The Nigerian Banking Industry

Looking ahead, activities planned for the next five years also include product innovation, capital investment and expansion into new customer or business segments.

The top business goals for 2016 included increasing profits (27 percent) or revenue (25 percent), increasing customer satisfaction (21 percent), and investing in future growth and development (19 percent). And 80% of business leaders believe they will achieve their goals. Small and medium-sized businesses also focus on attracting and retaining employees, which was identified as a key concern.

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SunTrust found that small business leaders are most concerned about uncertainty in the economy (68 percent), changes in health care laws (68 percent), financial stability (66 percent) and employee morale (65 percent). Concerns among middle business leaders also include fraud protection and cyber security (72 percent).

“Today’s business leaders expect their bankers to have a deep understanding of their industry. They want help developing short- and long-term financial plans along with effective strategies to achieve their goals,” Cummins said. “They are looking for a partner that can provide day-to-day solutions for interest rate management, working capital and cash flow while also helping manage their evolving needs – transition planning, employee benefit planning, M&A consulting or wealth management. At SunTrust , we provide critical support to help businesses pursue their growth goals.”

Six Digital Growth Strategies For Banking

Decision makers representing 508 small and medium-sized businesses participated in a SunTrust/Radius Global Market Research online survey. The total survey results have a maximum margin of error of +/- 4.35% at the 95% confidence level.

SunTrust Banks, Inc. It is a purpose-built company dedicated to lighting the path to financial prosperity for the people, businesses and communities it serves. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company has three business segments: Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking and Private Wealth Management, and Mortgage Lending. Its parent subsidiary, SunTrust Bank, operates an extensive branch and ATM network throughout the developing Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states, along with 24-hour digital access. Some business lines serve national consumer, commercial, corporate and institutional customers. As of December 31, 2015, SunTrust had total assets of $191 billion and total deposits of $150 billion. This company provides deposit, credit, trust, investment, mortgage, asset management, securities brokerage and capital market services. SunTrust leads onUp, a national movement encouraging Americans to build financial confidence. Join the movement at Top Commercial Banking Trends in 2023 Commercial Banks Should Focus on Now The Ultimate Guide to Banking on MetaWaster Four Strategies for Growing Consumer Payments in 2023 Americans value the reliability of their payment options above all else.

Great brands aim to influence the world. They use goals to guide action. And according to Accenture Song’s recent study of North American banking consumers, “brand purpose” is no longer cool—it’s a necessity.

Business Growth Strategies Banking

For banks, we define “brand purpose” as a behavior-driven expression of your mission and values, and it’s at the core of great customer and employee experiences. When done well, it is a competitive advantage and a powerful driver of growth, loyalty and value.

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Keys To Successful Strategy Execution

Your brand purpose should be inspiring and consistent in everything you say and do.

Marketing executives take note: 78% of global marketers say brand purpose is more important after 2020 than ever before. According to our marketing research, 71% of financial services marketers worldwide say their organization is on a brand mission of highlighting diversity.

While there is obvious interest, the goal is a C-suite priority that many fall short of. As our research shows, 82% of C-suite leaders say purpose is important, but only 42% say their company’s stated purpose has had a significant impact on their organization. We see this discrepancy in the bank.

This is important because bank customers are also interested in the purpose of the brand. Accenture Song’s research highlighted the importance of brand purpose among North American banking customers and found that 78% believe that today’s banks should have a strong and visible brand purpose. In addition, 87% agreed that the purpose of the bank’s brand should be aligned with the actions it takes.

Banking Operations For A Customer Centric World

Because of the importance of brand purpose to managers and consumers, we have defined the scope of purpose effectiveness in three platforms: branding, engagement, and empowerment. This framework allows banks to define a goal and build a comprehensive brand around it, then activate and implement that brand to ultimately drive growth.

1. Define the brand platform: Define the brand’s purpose and platform to create a meaningful connection with the audience.

Brand purpose begins with a pragmatic articulation of your mission, vision, business strategy, and promise to your customers, employees, and stakeholders. This brand platform shines when it is understood, tangible and forward-looking. When presented consistently, it strengthens and inspires the entire bank so that existing customers understand and embrace the brand’s direction, and potential new audiences recognize and appreciate the full power of that brand.

Business Growth Strategies Banking

As we move into our post-pandemic world, there is both a significant opportunity and an expectation for banks to be guided with purpose in every transaction. With this impact, along with increased competition and digital-enabled transparency and transparency, more banks and fintechs are doubling down on putting their customers, employees and communities first on their brand platform.

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Nubank shows us the power of brand purpose. Now the largest fintech in Latin America, Brazil’s digital bank defines its brand as making banking easier in a market with traditionally high interest rates, difficult account opening processes and a reputation for poor customer service.

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In addition, Nubank maintains a customer-centric culture that cares about its employees and collaborates with companies such as WhatsApp and Meta (Facebook) to continuously pursue its stated goal. And everything starts with its purpose: “Nubank was created to build this world with you, to simplify your financial life with clarity and security. From the first day, we treat people as people, not as numbers.” We eliminate complexity, bureaucracy and unconventional ways of dealing with money.”

This alignment of brand platform with business and customer strategy creates the foundation for creating authentic advice, improving financial health and creating sustainable successful partnerships that drive growth.

2. Activation through engagement platform: Bring purpose to life in unique audience journey.

Growth Strategies Depend On Agile Risk Management

With a bank’s brand platform clearly defined, today’s purpose-driven bank must consider how this strategy is reflected in customer experiences, employee experiences, products and services. With this, the bank’s engagement platform is the next step towards enabling the goal.

Customers and employees expect banks to communicate their purpose in clear, authentic, inspiring, cultural and experiential ways. This meaningful delivery must be consistent across the bank, from customer touch points, marketing campaigns, products and services, to employee experience and beyond. How to activate brand intent with delivery? How do you ensure that your target is the foundation of every customer engagement opportunity?

As outlined in the blog post, Advice for CMOs from Thrivers, banks should remain simple and consistent in their purpose. It’s not about supporting a hot topic at a particular time. Your goal should transcend every customer and employee experience with the brand, from social media, advertising, your in-store experience, mobile app and more.

Business Growth Strategies Banking

We see digital competitors and smaller regional banks standing as leaders in this alignment and activation of purpose and fully delivering on their brand promises with products and customer touch points. N26 has built its product around serving immigrants, while Swedish fintech Doconomy is around climate action and sustainability. Regional Bank, Greenwood, has taken the Black Lives Matter movement a step further with statements and non-alignment of products and services regarding wealth support.

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