Best Summer Camps For 10 Year Olds

By | August 31, 2023

Best Summer Camps For 10 Year Olds – Best Summer Camps in New England This is a hand-picked list of traditional summer camps based on interviews with campers, parents, staff, directors and others with personal knowledge of the facilities. and camp programs and advice on a free hosting service that can help. You have found the right camp for your child. Many of these camps encourage campers and their families to visit during the summer while they are in school.

Okay, we didn’t get all the Hawaiian inspiration either. But these three Vermont camps focus on helping kids succeed in an environment that includes traditional camping activities close to nature and surrounded by music and humor. Some of the campers are fifth generation, and the picturesque campus includes 19th-century buildings, a life-size replica of a medieval castle. and a Viking sailing ship that still works

Best Summer Camps For 10 Year Olds

Best Summer Camps For 10 Year Olds

Fairlee, Vermont, 802-333-3400, Founded 1915, 1905, 1922; Aloha Hive: Girls 7-12; Aloha Camp: Girls 12-17; La Naqila: Boys 8-14 years; each camp of 120 people; 2.5 camps per adult; yield of 80 percent; Three and a half and seven weeks, $6,400 for the entire season.

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Birch Rock’s size allowed a lot of attention to be focused on each individual boy. Table manners and proper bedding are taught along with hikes in the wilderness. This will take campers to places like St. Croix International Waterway on the Canadian border.

Waterford, Maine, 207-583-4478 (summer), 207-741-2930 (winter),, founded 1926; boys 7-15 years; 72 camps; 3 campers per adult yield of 80 percent; Three and a half and seven weeks, $4,800 for the entire season.

Caribou has been run by the same family since 1968 and some things (such as archery, water activities, and coaching at the helm) have not changed. There will also be a new 10,000 square meter gymnasium and facilities for virtually all sports.

Winslow, Maine, 207-872-9313 (summer), 508-358-5050 (winter),, founded 1922; boys 7-15 years; 225 camps; 3 campers per adult 70 percent benefit; Three and a half and seven weeks, $7,150 for the entire season.

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Six basketball courts, a 9-hole golf course, and a full-size football and lighted lacrosse field make Jack a busy, structured, yet selective boy. Clean, new facilities. And most importantly, directors who are directly involved.

Casco, Maine 207-627-4266 (summer) 617-277-8080 (winter) Established 1954; boys 8-15 years; 290 camps; 2 campers per adult 95 percent yield; Seven weeks $7,800

In a tidal cove in the middle of the coast, Campers will learn navigational skills and participate in wilderness expeditions to the Maine wilderness. It emphasizes camping skills and appreciation of nature.

Best Summer Camps For 10 Year Olds

Wiscasset, Maine 207-882-7323 Founded 1915; boys 8-15 years; 140 camps; 3 campers per adult yield of 65 percent; Three and a half and seven weeks, $5,400 for the entire season.

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Classic Maine sports camp with heart, not to mention top-notch facilities. including a 30-foot climbing wall and an indoor rock cave Cobbossee’s structured days provide plenty of free time. Campers may choose to participate in inter-camping sports. But teamwork and improvement are more important than beating rival campers at baseball.

Winthrop, Maine 800-473-6104 Established 1902; boys 7-15 years; 220 camps; 3 campers per adult 75 percent benefit; Three and a half and seven weeks, $7,450 for the entire season.

For adults and independent children There may be no better place to spend the summer than with Step Beyond classes that offer in-depth science education. filmmaking board game development and desert survival But as the director likes to say, summer! So after a little drink in the morning, the kids can spend the afternoon rejuvenating on the 6 hectare private lake.

Hinsdale, 413-655-8123 (summer), 203-894-9663 (winter),, founded 1968; students aged 8-15; 220 camps; 2 campers per adult 95 percent yield; Four weeks $4,300.

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Same camp with a tight structure. But there are also a number of elective courses. and for older campers Canoeing in the rapids mountain hiking and climbing Typical Maine camping experience with mature staff. friendly atmosphere and one of the best sandy beaches in the Northeast

Poland Maine 207-998-4346 (summer) 610-695-0169 (winter) Established 1921; girls 8-15 years; 180 camps; 1.5 camps per adult; 98 percent yield; Seven and a half weeks $7,700.

Instruction in elite sports for competitive boys Facilities include 5 baseball fields, 16 tennis courts, 4 soccer fields and a hockey field on 400 acres.

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Best Summer Camps For 10 Year Olds

Becket, 413-623-8921 (summer), 212-582-1042 (winter),, founded 1916; boys 6-16 years; 350 camps; 2 campers per adult 90 percent yield; Seven weeks $7,950.

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If we were to send a curious, animal-loving 10-year-old foodie to Camp Hidden Valley, raising herds of llamas and a barn full of rabbits, pigs and lambs, four stained glass studies would be just that. The Beginning of Arts and Crafts Opportunities Food is one of the best things about camping.

Freedom, Maine, 800-922-6737,, founded 1947; Co-educational school, 8-13 years; 280 camps; 3 campers per adult yield of 68 percent; Four and eight weeks, $6,190 for the entire season.

These sister camps deserve more attention than they are: they’re both great examples of traditional Maine camping, and they’re also small and nurturing. For the first-time camper who needs a little more attention Amenities include a full-size indoor basketball court. Olympic size swimming pool, driving range and a stable of 23 horses

Fryeburg, Maine, 207-935-2300 (summer), 954-385-3545 (winter),, founded 1924 and 1927; Indian Acres: Boys 7-16; Acre Forest: Girls 6-16 years; each camp of 150 people; 2.5 camps per adult; 75 percent dividend; Seven weeks $7,200.

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A unique adjacent sibling overnight camp. Boys and girls spend most of their evening and weekend activities together. And both camps have common facilities. Including the restaurant But each has its own style and tradition. and daily activities are divided by gender This gives children the opportunity to experience both co-educational and separate friendships in same-sex camps.

Potter Place, New Hampshire, 603-735-5189 (summer), 781-793-0091 (winter),, founded 1930; Kenwood: Boys 7-15; Evergreen: Girl 7-15 years; 300 camps; 2 adults per camper; 95 percent yield; Seven weeks $7,200.

It was originally a resort for women in Boston. Today it is a sports and art camp with plenty of free time for those who love freedom. The only compulsory activity is swimming. It scores high in our book for the non-imported population of Manhattan and Long Island.

Best Summer Camps For 10 Year Olds

Raymond Maine 800-480-1533 Established 1983; students aged 8-15; 200 camps; 3 campers per adult 60 percent benefit; Two, Three, Five and Six Weeks $5,998 for six weeks.

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Laurel South is trying to make the summer full in four weeks. All the children arrived and left together. Avoid groups forming before the second child arrives. New facilities and practical instructors, art, sports and something for all campers.

Casco, Maine 207-627-4334 (summer) 800-327-3506 (winter) Established 1921; students aged 7-15; 320 camps; 3 campers per adult yield of 80 percent; four weeks $4,750

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With many activities well-kept lake And old traditions, Lochearn is fun. The perfect combination of kids from all over the country And for the little girl in everyone, this 16-horse stable is run by the former Smith and Dartmouth Equestrian Director.

Post Mills, Vermont, 877-649-4151,, founded 1916; girls 7-16 years; 175 camps; Camp 4 people per adult. 75 percent dividend; Four and eight weeks, $7,800 for the entire season.

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Sports and special programs include tennis, soccer, sailing and swimming in the 3km lake and Olympic-sized pool, as well as theatre, photography, radio stations and a lumber shop. structured program for young children And there are many options for older people.

Lenox 413-637-0781 (Summer) 800-309-4332 (Winter) Established 1929; boys 8-15 years; 375 camps; 3 campers per adult 90 percent yield; Seven weeks $7,700.

Designed for older kids who don’t have the traditional seven or eight camping experience. This camp is nothing but traditional in practice. Mature employees serve a group of independent thinkers. (All liberal schedules here.) The entire placement focuses on campers and what they want out of the summer. This shouldn’t be unique, but it is.

Best Summer Camps For 10 Year Olds

Porter, Maine 800-752-2267 Founded 1984; students aged 13-17; 250 camps; 3 campers per adult yield of 35 percent; Four and eight weeks, $5,495 for the entire season.

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With an illuminated Little League scale model of Fenway Park and a Claymation studio, how can you go wrong? Manitou is a camp for boys with all kinds of interests. It has its own private island, a 450-seat theater with its own shop. Driving range and miniature golf course and a 50-foot climbing tower and other amenities. Compete, but not mercilessly

Oakland, Maine 800-326-1916,, founded 1947; boys 7-15 years; 300 camps; 2.5 camps per adult; yield of 80 percent; Three and a half and seven weeks, $7,450 for the entire season.

Second-generation owners emphasize sports commitment and teamwork, but Matoaka works just as hard. together for the competitive and unskilled girls of the university that stretches for a kilometer along the edge of the lake. The personal schedule can be edited weekly and viewed by parents on the website.

Smithfield, Maine 207-362-2500 (summer) 800-628-6252 (winter) Established 1951; girls 8-15 years; 285

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