Business Growth Strategy Case Study

By | November 28, 2023

Business Growth Strategy Case Study – Case interview techniques or consultation techniques are the most important part of a case interview. Great case strategies┬áset you up for success for the case while poor strategies make it harder to solve the case.

At the end of this article, you will learn four different strategies on how to create unique and tailored strategies for any case interview.

Business Growth Strategy Case Study

Business Growth Strategy Case Study

You’ll use these skills to learn how to create case strategies for six common types of case interviews.

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The case analysis process is a simple tool that helps you formulate and break down complex problems into simple, small components. Think of a process as organizing different ideas and organizing them into different categories.

Let’s look at an example: Coca-Cola is a large manufacturer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverages, such as sodas, juices, sports drinks, and tea. They are looking to grow and are considering entering the beer market in the United States. Should they come in?

In order for you to decide whether Coca-Cola should enter the beer market, there are probably several different questions you want to ask:

This is a less logical way of thinking through the issue. The questions are listed in no particular order. In addition, many questions are similar to each other and can be grouped together.

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The case study will provide a framework to organize these ideas and questions in a way that is easy to understand.

Note that we have divided the list of questions we have into four main categories. These broad categories are often referred to as strategic “buckets.” Also note that we grouped similar questions under each bucket in the process.

This case study tells us the areas we need to check in order to guarantee Coca-Cola. It also clearly shows the requirements we need to understand under each area.

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Business Growth Strategy Case Study

This is the power of a case interview technique. It simplifies a complex business problem into small and separate components that can be solved individually.

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So how do you create a case plan? The next section will introduce four powerful strategies for creating unique and tailored negotiation strategies for any case interview.

When giving a case interview, you need to decide what presentation technique you want to use. Some interview techniques may be more effective than others depending on the type of interview you are conducting.

Therefore, choose the most convenient case procedure for you for the type of case you are dealing with.

This case-based approach can be used for any type of case. This is the most time-consuming process, but it yields the most accurate and unique case patterns for a given case interview.

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To create a strategy from scratch, ask yourself what 3-4 statements must be true for you to be 100% confident in your recommendation. These 3-4 areas will be the buckets of your strategy.

Once you have your buckets in order, brainstorm some questions for each bucket that you need to answer.

Let’s go back to the Coca-Cola case example where we were asked to decide whether they should enter the beer market or not. What 3 – 4 statements must be true for us to recommend that Coca-Cola should enter the beer market?

Business Growth Strategy Case Study

Next, we’ll add a few bullet points under each area to add more detail to our case study.

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To determine if the beer market is attractive, we need to know the size of the market, the growth rate of the market, and the gross profit margins of the market.

To assess whether the product is competitive, we need to know who the competitors are, how much product they have, and whether they have differences or competitive advantages.

In order to determine if Coca-Cola has the potential to produce beer, we need to know if there are potential deficiencies or if there are significant synergies that Coca-Cola can use.

Finally, to determine the expected profit of entering the market, we need to know what the expected revenues are, what the expected costs are, and how long it will take Coca-Cola to break even.

Media And Data

You can repeat this process for any case interview you receive to create a unique case process.

Creating case plans from scratch can be time-consuming. Because of this, many interview candidates make the mistake of using memorized techniques for case interviews.

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Candidates either use a memorized technique for each case or memorize a different technique for each type of case interview.

Business Growth Strategy Case Study

The issue with using memorized techniques is that they are not tailored to the specific problem you are solving. Given a simple business problem, its strategy or bucket areas are not entirely important.

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Instead of creating strategies from scratch each time, the second case strategy provides a way to streamline the process while creating strategies that are unique and tailored to the case. In addition, you do not need to memorize many different techniques.

When given a case, mentally run through this list and choose the 3 – 5 areas that best fit the case.

If the list doesn’t give you enough points for your strategy, brainstorm and add your own ideas as parts of your strategy.

This process ensures that your process elements are relevant to the issue. It also shows that you can create unique, tailored strategies for every business problem.

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Let’s go back to the Coca-Cola case example where we were asked to decide whether they should enter the beer market or not.

This process is a shortcut for creating unique and tailored strategies for every business problem. Even if you and a friend use the same strategy, you may have different strategies.

That’s good. As long as the buckets in your strategy are areas that are important and relevant to the case, your case strategy will be better than many competitor’s strategies.

Business Growth Strategy Case Study

You don’t have to create a pattern completely from scratch every time to create unique case patterns. This case-based approach can be used in more than 90% of case interviews.

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For the remaining 10% of case interviews, you should learn and apply the following two case interview techniques.

The first two skills in case management can be used in more than 90% of cases. However, some issues may require you to identify and target multiple stakeholders in running or operating a business.

Let’s look at an example: Your client is a non-profit blood bank. They have volunteer nurses who go to schools and centers to collect blood from donors. This blood is then sold to hospitals, which use this blood for emergency situations when a blood transfusion is needed. Currently, Hearts4Lives is not making a profit because they cannot collect enough blood to sell to their hospital partners. What can they do to fix it?

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For events where multiple stakeholders are involved, it is useful to look at each stakeholder and determine what each can do to address the problem.

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As with the previous case management process, some cases may require you to focus on improving or improving a specific process.

For these cases, the first parts of your case process are each important step in the process.

Let’s look at an example: Your client is a garbage company that manages fleets of drivers and garbage trucks that go to residential buildings, collect garbage and then dispose of it. They are required to collect garbage from every house once a week. Recently, they have failed to comply with this requirement and have been supported by requests for waste disposal. What is causing this issue and what should they do to fix it?

Business Growth Strategy Case Study

For issues involving processes and processes, it is helpful to look at the different components or steps of the process.

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Once you have listed all the steps in a process, you can identify pain points or bottlenecks that are causing the issue and identify ways to improve the process.

A profit case might go something like this: “An electric car manufacturer has experienced a decline in profits. What should they do?”

On the revenue side, what is the reason for the decline? Is it from a reduction in the number of units sold? If so, is the decline in a specific product line, geography, or customer segment?

Or a decrease due to a decrease in income? Are we selling at a low price? Is there a change in the marketing mix? In other words, are we selling low cost products and low cost products?

The Four Quadrants Model Of High Growth

On the price side, what is causing the price increase? Is it from an increase in the variable cost? If so, what cost elements are increased?

Or is there an increase in the cost due to an increase in the fixed cost? If so, what are the fixed costs?

Next, you need to understand strongly, what causes the decrease in profit that you know in the previous step.

Business Growth Strategy Case Study

Looking at customers, have customer needs or want to change? Have their buying habits or behavior changed? Have their views of the company changed?

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Looking at competitors, are there new players entering the market? Existing competitors are created with nothing new